Friday, September 21, 2012

Beautiful Butterfly Accents

Beautiful Butterfly Accents

Yeah! It finally FRIDAY!

Hello my crafty friends!

I made these butterfly clips awhile back and thought I would share them with you.
They were so fun to make!

I was inspired by Penny Duncan. She created some Beautiful Butterflies and has some great tutorials. Click below

 For the brown tone Butterfly, I cut the top wings out in thin .005 clear plastic..The bottom wing is cut is white card stock and I used Tim Holtz Distressed ink in browns and green. I then stamped with a flower design and added glitter and gems. I glued both layers together in the middle and also glued a silver clip between the top and bottom.

I used pink plastic from a file folder on this one and I distressed inked in the reds and browns.

The turquoise butterfly was cut in white card stock. I used Tri Chem Candy Creations glitter paints and added pearls,rhinestones and hears. I also added a silver clip so you can clip it on to most anything. I clipped them on my Mothers lamp and they looked so pretty when the lamp was turned on at night. 
These darling butterflies will add a lovely touch to any present or scrapbook page or even in one's hair.
Simply Beautiful!

This butterfly was my first one to cut out in white card stock. The hearts are cut out and then I used Tri Chem Candy Creations glitter paints in the brown and yellow tones. I added pearls all over and used a pin back to be able to wear it on a sweater, coat or blouse. A nice effect with the hearts showing through to whatever color you put it on.
They were lots of fun to make and I'm sure that I will be making more. I hope I inspired you to create some of these cute butterfly.

Thanks for coming by and I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Take a moment to look at these Exquisite Butterfly pictures below!!
Simply Beautiful!


Carole said...

Good golly it looks like you are having as much fun as I am. The butterflies are darling little gems of delight. I have some I bought that are purple with netting and glitter,about 4". I have them clipped to a lacy purple embroidered scarf that I have hanging in my studio/office, it pleases me. Thanks for your interest and thoughtful comments. It's fun to show and tell. Be well my friend and craft on!

Audrey Frelx said...

Your butterfly clips are adorable! How fun!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting..