Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rose Hydrangea Printed Pillow Box Free

Happy Thursday my Friends!

Another day in my crafty room, means more Exciting Creations to share with you.
While searching for new things to create, I came across Tania's lovely website here 
I found the most Beautiful and Colorful flowers that were made onto a pillow box template.

 So, I printed it out and this is my finished product. Now, I would really like to make this into a svg file, because I cut this one out by hand. It didn't take long to cut out but it would be a wiz to cut on my eClips machine instead. Email me if you can give me any suggestions for a svg cutting file. Thanks

The finished box measure's approximately 6" x 4.5". It's a Nice size box!
 I absolutely Love this box and will be making many more! It's so easy to Print and go! Now I will need to find some continuous inks for my printer...LOL

 This is the back of the box with this Beautiful Colorful Blue Hydrangea

 The paper was sooooo pretty printed out that I really didn't need to add much. Also it is extra large so it will hold lots of goodies. Great fast and easy box to make in a hurry!

And, the best part is, that she has MORE designs like these!!! 

This is Sooooo Precious! I LOVE them ALL!

 I made the scroll cutout a long time ago and had it in my stash. I believe it was one of Mary's files at 

Doesn't this look just like apple pie boxes :) 
And I just might make some apple pies to put in these adorable boxes. 
Yummmmy! Of course I would wrap the pies in plastic baggies so they wouldn't stain the box ;)

That's it for today my Friends!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and I will be seeing you again soon. 
Remember this song sung by Bing Crosby?

"I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places"



Carole said...

Super colorful and pretty pillow boxes. You asked about making svg files. Do you have a scanner? Do you use SCAL?
When I make files from hand cut items, I begin by cutting them in black card stock, then I scan them. Using SCAL I use the trace feature then open the scan file and trace. Saving it as an svg. Does that help?

Jani Lewis said...

Beautiful boxes and tags. I adore those bunnies! So cute.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..