Saturday, April 14, 2012

Flowers Everyday Cards/Iris Fold

Spring Flower Cards with Envelopes.
I'm starting to make a set of these beautiful flower cutout cards along
with the envelopes, plus a box with a lid to store them in.
  I used Uptown Flair glitter papers.
In the middle of the cutout flower I did something like a Iris fold. I cut
various shapes of the matching papers and glued them to the back side of the card and then added
a sheet of white card stock to cover it. I will be adding more cards from Mary's Everyday card collection soon.

You can get the flower
card file (Everyday Cards SVG Kit) at
Mary and Leo's site  You can also find the box
 file there also. Mary's files are professional and easy to use. Also, she has step by step
 instructions on how to put them all together. Sign up to receive Free files every week. Follow them on Facebook to see everyones beautiful creations. Plus, they are always giving away Great prizes like the eClips machine and their very own Pumpkin Patch Stamps. My niece Lisa Bell in Iowa just won their whole collection of Pumpkin Patch Stamps. She  received them today and
was so excited she had to call me to say how Great the stamps are. Mary and Leo are professional, kind, caring, honest and sincere couple.

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Laura said...

Geyda - this is my first time on your blog. I am FLOORED! Mary's files are great, but your paper choices take them to the next level. Great work! Love it!