Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Chalk Couture Build A Bunny Home Decor Chalkboard


Hello all my crafty and creative friends!
It's another day in my crafty room and do I have something New
 and exciting to share with all of you. 
I'm sooo Excited!

What a gorgeous way to bring in SPRING with Melody Lane's 
fabulous Build A Bunny framed Chalked blackboard picture.
You can watch her make this Bunny Chalkboard by clicking on the link below
Please subscribe to her channel if you like. She's so amazing and talented.

Yes, Melody made this all, using Chalkology Chalk paste and  Build
A Bunny transfer.
How fun is that!!! 
Come along with me and join in the fun!

Introducing Chalk Couture Chalology Paste and Inks!!

Yes, this is all done using Chalk paste!
First up is my so so cute Easter Bunny Chalkboard easel.
Yes, I made this using the Chalology paste. It can be sealed with
Krylon acrylic spray to make it permanent or if I want to change it,
I can spray a little water on it and wipe it right off with a baby wipe.
It's just that simple!

 I simply have fallen in love with the
 Chalkology paste, because it's not messy, it's water based and it spreads on
so quickly and so easy and fun to use.
 If I can do it, anybody can! lol
Read my story below.

Ken Hess showcased these adorable Chalkboard easels that he made.
Click on the link below to see his Bunny project using the Pink chalkboard.

Thanks to Ken, I found these Chalkboard easels at my Hobby Lobby.
And they were 50% off.
How cool is that!
I simply love them and you can use both sides of the
Chalkboard for any season or inspirational quote and switch them back 
and forth. So cool!
 They open up like a sandwich sign and stand up on a counter, table or floor.

You can put the Chalkology paste on many surfaces including glass bottles, check
my bottle below. Plus, did I say it is nontoxic and water based? Yes and it has
a nice smell and is the consistency of yogurt. 

The transfer I used is called "Build A Bunny".
There's so many ways to create a darling chalkboard and many many
more creations using other materials.

These are some of the Chalkology pastes that I used on my
Chalkboard easel. They now come in 3oz jars and are sooo creamy
and a delight to use. So much fun!!

This is my second project that I made. I love how easy and smooth
the Chalkology paste spreads on. And, it's water based for very
easy clean up. Also, it's non toxic, so it's very safe to use.

This was my very First project. Yes, I like to start small! lol
I saved this vinegar bottle awhile back and thought it would be
perfect for my agave syrup. The little pink hearts are made with, yes
Bubble Gum pink Chalkology paste and for the green hearts, I used
Evergreen paste. Since I didn't have the letter transfer yet, I cut
the words out on my Cricut Maker using black vinyl and placed them on the bottle.
 Then I sprayed it with clear acrylic spray. I tested it in water and was amazed at
how beautifully it still looked after repeated washings. Also the acrylic spray is so
shiny and clear.  I will be saving lots more bottles and jars.
I love how it turned out! So easy and fun and Great gifts.

My Story
I have to tell you a little story about why I started small. Well, when I was
little, my mom would take me to her China painting classes. I would
sit next to her and watch and munch little cookies. ha  I really didn't
care much for painting and getting all those paints all over me. Plus the smell was terrible.
 And besides, I couldn't draw a straight line if it killed me. lol So 
through the years, I would trek along to all my mother's classes. I remember
one that I really liked and it wasn't because of the paints. Her class was
held in the Hills of Palace Verde's, at a very enchanting barn that had chickens
and rabbits and even a pony. I had so much fun playing that it made me
want to go more classes, even if I didn't like to paint. lol

In high school, if I was asked to paint in class, I would tell the teacher that I
needed to be alone, so I could be creative. "Smile" He let me take it home and I asked
my sister do it. She was the artist in the family and surely not me. lol The next day,
I would bring her painting in and the teacher was amazed and gave me an A. Do you
think he really knew I didn't create it ?? Thinking back, I'm sure he did and since I
was creative in everything else, he made that exception. I remember making a stained
glass butterfly, using small cuts of paper and piecing them all together during class and
 I loved it. Now that was my kind of fun!
Wish I had my Cricut or Eclips cutting machines back then!!!

If my mother was alive today, she would be so surprised to see
me creating and loving all these beautiful Chalkology pastes. I think she would
have had fun with these also. Hey, if I can do it, Anybody can. It's so easy and the
transfer does all the work for you. ha Just spread it on and wipe it off
and you have a beautiful masterpiece. Now, that's my kind of crafting
Quick, Easy and Fun!!

Take a look at the Kit I got!
My sponsor is Melody Lane under Ken Hess.
What a Great TEAM!!

So, you may be asking yourself, how can I join this fun group?
Chalk Couture started in July of last year and has grown enormously.
So this is a wonderful time to join and get this super kit.
Think of all the beautiful creations you can make for yourself
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Well, if your like me, you may want to start small (not really lol) and try our special
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You get
5 Chalkology pastes
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Beautiful Logo Apron
Gorgeous Procelain coated  Chalkboard 9" x 12" Frame
Round shaped magnetic Chalkboard 10"
2 Squeegees 1 Small 1 Large
Start up guide

Okay, for the one's that catch my excitement and want it all, you may
click on the link to get this amazing kit and sign up.
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Plus they send you a Free Transfer of the month and give you
a Free online website.
This is the Free May Transfer.

If you have any questions, please email me and I
will be happy to assist you.
Click the link below, then on the top right click JOIN

All others, you may click on my Store and look around  at
all the wonderful paints and transfers we have to offer.

Most of all have FUN!

Thank you for your interest and support in my new jouney
with Chalk Couture. I hope you join me in this exciting adventure.
I'm going to try the chalk with my cards and
3d projects, so I'll be having fun checking that out. Oh, and did
I mention they just came out with Chalk Inks! Yep, my head is
spinning ( Dish towels & Shirts Oh My!)with all these wonderful
and exciting products.
That's what crafting is, having FUN with YOU in the middle.
Have a wonderful week my friends and watch for all my
fun projects to appear and maybe a surprise giveaway. ;)

Have an Awesome week!