Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Love Lucy 3D Paper Lunch Box

I LOVE LUCY  3D Paper Lunch Box

Hi my crafty friends!

I know that just about everyone Love's Lucy and thought I would make Mary's file from Miss Baker's Class kit into my all time favorite comedy pair. This was so fun to make and I love how it turned out.
You can get this file Free over at Mary & Leo's site here

I love the paper I got at Joann's, it's called "Me and my Big Ideas" by Ellen Krans. I picked it up a month ago while it was 5 for a buck and it just popped out at me and said buy me :) While I was deciding which papers to use this morning, it again popped out and I'm glad it did. 
Isn't this soooo cute? 
For the picture insert I scanned a picture that I had and printed  and cut it to fit. I printed it on glossy photo paper.

This is the inside and I doubled the papers to make it extra sturdy.
I added pink heart brads to the handle.

The epiphany heart tool is so cool. I made matching hearts out of the same paper and made a two tone green bow.

# 1 Rule.....Eat Chocolate First before crafting!

That's it for today my friends!
I Love Ya!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pick A Pumpkin Large 3D Fall Pumpkin

Time to pick a 3D Pumpkin! 
Pumpkin time is almost here and what better way to get ready than to make 3D pumpkins.
This pumpkin was made using Mary & Leo's kit called "Pick A Pumpkin" here

They even have a video tutorial!

This is the inside without the lid. I inked the accent paper after I glued them on but next time I will ink the edges before I put them on so they stand out more.

I added a two tone bow and some paper curly cues. Also some fall leaves with pop dots.

That's it for today my friends so I will bid you farewell and happy crafting.
More fall creations coming!

Keep smiling!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pick a Pumpkin Cute Black Crow Card

      Hello again my Dear Friends!
 Name that Tune! 
  Sing a song of rainbows. A pocket full of twine.  
     Four and twenty blackbirds. Made into a card 
When the card was opened. The birds began to sing
 Isn't  that a clever Card to show to all my friends.

          Ok, did I get a smile yet? 

Can anyone show me how to make a video? I can sing!!!
 Maybe next time...LOL  Just kidding!

Well, here's the little, I mean Big blackbird card and I love him. He was so fun and easy to make using the eClips/eCal machine. You can get the file over at, yes you guessed it, Mary & Leo's svgcuts.com site below. It's called "Pick A Pumpkin Kit" & includes 3D Pumpkins and more fun stuff.

Don't forget to get the FREE Miss Baker's Classroom svg kit!!!


Here's Lookin at ya!

I inked the flower with Tim Holtz distressed inks and added a gem in the center. To make 
the flower look more 3D I added a pop dot and some twine.

That's it for today my friends! Have a wonderful and relaxing rest of the weekend.
Keep watching as the Fall begins to roll in:)

"In seeking happiness for others, you find it for yourself"

This Pelican was just waiting for me to take his picture. I just happened to be driving by the clubhouse & spotted him. I jumped out and took his pic.
He was sooo cute and just sat there.
Have a great day!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pumpkin Maple Syrup Card

Hi my friends!
Yep, it's starting to look like Pumpkin time around here. Getting ready for the harvest challenge over at Mary & Leo's facebook site here https://www.facebook.com/svgcuts
In fact tomorrow they will be offering a FREE kit! I can't wait to see what Mary has created.

So, while I'm waiting to enter their Autumn challenge here 

I've made a pumpkin card from Mary's Caramel Apple Pie kit. I used some of the
elements and created this card. I first welded the pumpkin & stem to a rectangle in eCal (surecuts) and then pieced together the pumpkin and added a glue dot to the top pumpkin. I inked them all with Tim Holtz distressed ink, gotta love those inks. I use the Martha Stewart edge punch up the side of the card. I added a gold,orange and brown ribbon on top and I may add an acorn. This was a fun card to make but it did take some time to do the three layers of the Maple syrup letters. Of course I had to ink each layer :) I love how it turned out. Great card for the pumpkin harvest season!
Thank about it for today. Thanks for looking and have a fun day and remember it's almost Friday ;)
Happy crafting!

I use bronze ink on the letters.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas All In One Gift Boxes

Hello again my crafty friends.
I finished up a few gift boxes today and added the rose flowers on top.
Two of the boxes are all in one and the other is a top and bottom part. 
Very easy to cutout if you have a digital machine but can also  be cut by hand.

Well, that about wraps it up for today. No pun intended :)
Have a Marvelous day!

Thienly made a really cute ring & box. She is on the Design team at Mary & Leo's svgcuts.com Check it out here

The dark red and white box is from Mary's Bundle of Joy kit here

The green box is from Mary's One Piece Box kit. Many beautiful Lacey boxes also in this kit.

The small white box was a free file and I don't remember the website. If you know, please email
me and I will post the url. Thanks

 Happy Crafting!

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"Napoleon Hill"
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Holiday Pink/Red Paper Cosage Flowers

Hello friends!
Here's some more paper flowers I made and decorated with lace and ribbon. I used thin 12 x 12 paper that had white writing on all of them except I inked the larger and smaller ones with Tim Holtz distressed inks. I used florescent glitter on the other one with the baby's breath. You can use any kind of papers to make many beautiful flowers to decorate your Holiday or special occasion gift boxes. Or, you could give them as a corsage and put a pin back on them. Let me know if you can think of any other ways to use these flowers. Thanks for looking and have a beautiful day.
See my post under these for the svg files.

Have a crafty day!

Life Events

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas Red Paper Roses

Time to Smell the ROSES!

Hello my Dear friends! 
It's Monday and time for some pretty flowers~

For the large flower I used the eClips machine & cut 6 scalloped circles that have 10 (you can use most any petal count) scallops and most any weight papers. I use lightweight on these. I cut each one 3.002 x 3.108.   Then you hand-cut approximately 3/4" into every 2 scallop. Using a stylus or pencil I curled each side of the pedals up. The three that you use for the base will only be curled slightly and the other three curled tightly. Place a little glue in the middle of the first circle and proceed to layer and stagger each circle.   I inked the edges of the pedals with Tim Holtz distressed inks and added some pearls, Christmas pod centers and  ribbon.  The small flower  has 15 scallops and I cut 6 also.  Cut each one 2.011 x 2.034" and hand-cut 1/2" into every 3 scallops. Follow the same directions as the larger flower. Pretty simple to assemble and you will have your flowers ready to be placed on your gift bags or boxes. They really dress up your packages with a nice touch. And, you can even add a scent to the bottom so that it smells good too. I think I'll add a touch of cinnamon for the Christmastime flowers.
 If you need further directions, please email me.
Most of all have Fun!

Mary & Leo's svgcuts.com
Great collection!
Click below

Scalloped Shapes SVG Collection

You can use any size scalloped circle from Mary's svg files above.

Scalloped Rose YoutubeTutorial

You can also see some of the sample flowers posts on their blog here

Have great day!


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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spirit of Christmas Past Old Fashioned Bicycle Card

Hello everyone! I hope your Sunday is fun and relaxing. 

I've been busy making this Old Time Bicycle Christmas card today. Another cute card from Mary & Leo's svg site. I just love  old bicycles! Something about antique things that I love and especially Christmas. Boy, am I in the mood for Christmas now or what. How many more days until the big day? I will be Really ready when it arrives...hehe

Here's the link to Mary & Leo's site for the Spirit of Christmas Past Bicycle Card.
You can also get the Twilight Fairies svg  collection FREE.

I had some shiny Christmas braid and laced it though the holes and added a red jewel. I also added red & green jewels up the side. The red berries were inked with Tim Holtz distressed inks and also the green leaves, wheels and side accent panel.

I cut a piece of Christmas paper and glued the embossed snow layer to the inked window pane.

I cut out the letters and added a red gem and star.

This would make a very special card for someone on your list. Fun to make and looks great when it's finished. 
You are Special!

 Mr Fred Rogers
“As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something that no one else has—or ever will have—something inside that is unique to all time. It’s our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression.”

I found this wonderful site that has many inspiring quotes and information about Mr. Rogers.
 Click on the link above.
 Have a great week!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jingle Java Cup Christmas Card

 Hello my crafty friends!
"Jingle Java Cup Christmas Card"

Visit Leo & Mary's to get the
FREE Java card svg kit! 
Click below

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I do love to bake and no, those are not my cookies :)

It's time to make almost everyone's favorite drink Card. JAVA! 
I know my daughter's Love their Java!

 Me on the other hand like to drink Pero, a roasted and toasted barley powdered drink that smells & taste like coffee to me anyhow, but is very healthy for you:) You can read about it or buy if you like.
Lucky vitamin has the best price!

I think a nice Pero card is in order..smile~

For the top lid I used Tim Holtz distressed inks. Gotta love his inks! The colors are so vibrant!

I used some puffy paint on the letters N & G to give them a little zing. I really like that paint. If I had the blue & green, I would have used it on all the letters. I glued and sprinkled florescent glitter on the snowflake.  I also made the Red & Green heart button with my Epiphany tool. I inked the paper with Tim Holtz inks & tied really thin gold wire through the buttons and curled it. I have the scalloped circle tool also. I just love those buttons! Here's a link to their site Epiphany  http://epiphanycrafts.com/
Have a wonderful week and thanks for coming.
 Keep on the lookout for More Christmas things to appear.

The beautiful Red Christmas ball background photos that I used to display the Java cup were provided Free by the wonderful & talented artist, Petr. You can click on the link below to view some of his amazing photos.