Thursday, October 12, 2023

 Ghosts, Witches & Cats, OH MY!

This cute Witches Brew Candy Dome was so fun to make. I just had to add the legs to it! lol I cut it out on my Cricut Maker and the legs are a Cricut Access image that I made Print then Cut as well as the Caldone. I used Cricut Purple checked Acetate for the dome. The dome spins so you can get the candy corn out the back. Louise Beaugard has a great tutorial on how to make these cuties. Plus she is so kind to share the files!

Tutorial Halloween Candy Domes That Spin

These are the three cuties Louise made and is sharing her files and tutorial. I only made the Kitty and the Caldone and added the Witch feet. They are so easy and fun to make. You can get the file FREE below.

Click Here for Halloween Candy Domes Free Design Space File

Here's my cute kitty holding a potion bottle full of Candy M&M's! I used dotted acrylic for the dome and did a Print then Cut for the Kitty. I love this one! 

This cutie is from CreativeFabrica but I used Louise's dome and enlarged it. She measures approximately 7 inches tall, so she is much larger than my Witch Caldone and Kitty. You can get the file here and it's on sale right now. 

Halloween Bundle On Sale

That's it for today my crafty friends for another day in my craft room. I hope I've inspired you once again. Happy Crafting!

Hugs, Misty


Darling Witch Hat from Dreaming Tree!

Click Here FREE Witch Hat Treat Cone SVG

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Halloween Time!! 

Hello, my crafty friends! It's that time of year and these adorable cuties are ready to bring lots of smiles. 

This cute TALL pumpkin Legs was so fun to make. The file is from Jodie G. Warner over at the Design Store below. She has some amazing projects!!

The legs have wooden dowels and are wrapped in striped paper and then glued into the Pumpkin and shoes. She has a picture tutorial and instructions for you to follow. The top comes off if you want to place a very light card or something inside. She's a cutie!

Ghosts Ghosts Ghosts!!!

These Ghosts boxes are so darling and easy to make. I made the tiny one first without reading the sizing in the instructions. But, I'm glad I did because it came out so tiny and cute. Perfect for a small gift or Candy Corn. lol

Click Here Ghost 3D Box

The tall Ghost is about 8 inches high, cut on my Cricut Maker machine. I used Glow in the Dark permanent vinyl from Cricut below. 

Click Here Glow in the Dark Vinyl

 Could you imagine if I had the New Cricut Venture Machine? lol  A 12 ft Ghost Box!!!! WOW, How fun would that be!! I think I need this New Venture machine!!! I have lots of room in my craft room! :)  

Click Here Cricut Venture Machine

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If you have one of these beauties please share in the comments and tell us how you like it. 


This darling Halloween Cracker is from Dreaming Tree.

Click Here FREE Halloween Cracker

That's it for another day in the craft room my friends! I hope that I've inspired you to craft some Halloween cuties. If you do, please share them in my group at Misty's FB Group Plus we share FREE files every day!

I hope to see you there soon! Have a great crafting week and happy crafting!

Hugs, Misty