Saturday, November 24, 2012

3D Amaryllis Flowers And Pitcher

Hello all my Crafty friends!
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends. 
This is the flower arrangement that I made for my daughter and she LOVED it!

Another First Class svg cutting file from Mary's site.

Home For The Holidays svg kit

Get this Gorgeous First Class 
"Home For The Holidays Kit"

I used the Coral Couture paper stack for both the flowers and pitcher. 
First I cut the whole pitcher out in the light cream that you see on the top and bottom rims. Then I placed the accents pieces on the mat so I would get the front of the bird to line up.
You can see the tutorial here

Love the gold bird paper!

Close up of the dark red Amaryllis. 
My paper wasn't double sided so I glued two petal together which made them look and feel more real.

I doubled all the petals and inked them with distressed Tim Holtz inks.

This Amaryllis matches my ribbon accent.

For this flower I only had three of each color left so I made a mixed flower. 
I think it turned out nicely.

I thought some greenery would be nice, so I made my own leaves for my arrangement. I didn't have the dowel for the stems so I used clear hard plastic balloon sticks and they worked out fine.
I also added round colored glass and used a green block of oasis in the bottom of the pitcher, to hold the flowers and leaves in place and add some weight.

Click below for the leaves and flowers scut file.

 My daughter and I went up to Moskatels craft store in LA, while I was visiting her. Wow, what a large assortment of crafty things! I found this really pretty ribbon that matched one of my flowers and some other ribbon, bells, etc. My daughter bought little birds and berries for her tree. 
We had a terrific day!

This set of leaves are single paper and inked, but seem to flop around instead of standing straight.
The next set of leaves I make will be doubled with wire in between so I can adjust them.

That's it for today my friends!
Have a wonderful weekend and keep checking back for new and exciting creations.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Snowman Box

Hello again my crafty friends!
 This cute little Snowman is from Mary's Christmas Open House kit.

Christmas Open House Kit

 Get her New Home For The Holidays kit FREE with purchase.
 A $6-99 Value!

Home For The Holiday Kit

For his nose I used Tri-Chem Candy Creations and around the rim of the hat I used black sequin trim. For the scarf I cut a strip of material. I also added his mittens in Ecal's winter shapes.

Here's a peek inside of the box. I'm going to make butter ball cookies and put them in a snowflake bag and place them inside the box. You can put just about anything from Hershey kisses to Christmas ribbon candy or even a pair of mittens. A great box for all your Holiday gifts.
Isn't he just the cutest!

Here's the BABY Snowman!
 I made this one half the size of the original  snowman.
Super cute and easy to assemble!
I hope I've inspired you to start creating these wonderful little Snowmen.

Have a wonderful week!

" My Favorite Things"
Remember this Movie?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Boysenberry Pie Box

Hello my craft friends!
Yep, you guessed it! I LOVE TO BAKE!
It doesn't matter if it comes from my oven or out of my Eclips machine. It's still baking in my eyes...LOL
This one is a Yummy Boysenberry pie!
My Favorite!

This is another Great svg file from Mary's Fall Harvest kit

Super fun and easy to assemble and decorate. I used some silver jingle bells from an old arrangement that I had and added some purple ribbon and leaves. Does anyone know where I can get Boysenberry scent or potpourri? Not sure what to put inside, maybe just cinnamon if I can't find Boysenberry. Also, I need to find purple and white stripped twine if anyone knows a place online, I would greatly appreciate any help.

Doesn't that look scrumptious?

Great gifts for all your family and friends.

That's it for today my friends!

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Cherry Pie Box

Hello again my Dear friends!

It's that time of year again for all those yummy pies that we all love. This one
is super sweet without the sugar! 
This svg file came from Mary's Fall Harvest kit

This is Mary's lovely Apple Pie box.

 Get her New Christmas Open House kit FREE

I resized the svg file to 6" round from the original standard pie size. 
The added red gems to the filling make it look like real cherries. I bought some cinnamon/apple potpourri and added a little in the bottom and tied red and white twine around the whole pie. I added some berries that I cut off some holly to the center of my dotted bow. 

Super fun pie box to make and it Smells soooooo good!
Great gifts for family and friends around the Holidays. 

That's it for today folks!
Keep watching for more fun pies to come!
Have a wonderful week and remember that tomorrow is a Brand New Day!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Rudolph 24" Standing Reindeer Paper Craft

Hello again my Dear friends!
It's time to showcase the Most Famous Reindeer of all!
Rudolph stands 24" tall & is 11" long.

In my earlier post, I had said that I was going to make a Large Reindeer. 
Well, here he is!

He is made up of card stock and chipboard using my Eclips machine.
I enlarged the tiny deer file in Ecal and cut two each of the legs, body and antlers. I then drew around each piece as a stencil onto the chipboard. I cut the chipboard out by hand because it was a bit too thick for my machine.
 Don't want to overload my precious machine!! lol 
After all the parts were cut out of chipboard, I glued the card stock, front and back to the chipboard.
I inked with Tim Holtz inks around each piece.
To assemble him, I cut a 1" slit up the legs and antlers and applied a tiny bit of glue. I added a googly eye since I'm not the artist in the family...haha Then put a red pom for his nose and made a red bow with gold bells.
Pretty easy to make and assemble!


Makes a great addition for your Christmas table decorations or just standing next to your tree.
 Super fun project for the Holiday!

Check out Mary's New Christmas Open House Kit and get it FREE

That's it folks for today!
Keep watching for more fun and magical creations to appear.

Have a great Friday and weekend!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Miniature Ornaments svg

Hello again my friends!
I have been busy making lots of miniature Christmas tree ornaments. I resized the svg file so the spindle is approximately 2 1/2" tall. You can also make these darling ornaments in  any size you like. Mary has a Great collection of beautiful Christmas ornaments in her Christmas kit. Comes with a video assembly tutorial also.

Purchase the Christmas Ornament Kit

Watch the trailer to see the Christmas Ornament kit.
For my first min spindle, I sprayed glitter glue and sprinkled clear glitter over it. It turned out quite nice and I love the sparkle.
. The yellow one was sprayed with the clear varnish from a spray can. It didn't really turned out shiny and had a smell to it. 

 This one was sprayed with an air brush and polyurethane. The end results were not what I really expected.  It had a yellow cast, where I over sprayed and it Really smelled like lacquer. I was hoping to preserve all my creations with this technique, but it didn't work out for me.  Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. I think I will just do the glitter for now.

The min tree ornament is approximately 3" tall and can be sized to any size also. 
I cut it all out in white card stock and inked with Tim Holtz distressed inks. Gotta love his inks!

I sprayed the tree with the air brush also, but you can see the yellow of over spray and it smells pretty strong.  It really didn't make it shiny like I had wished for. I'm very new to air brushing, and maybe there's something else I can use instead of the Polyurethane. Email me with any suggestions, please.

This is the snowflake ornament from Mary's kit. 
The Eclips cuts this delicate pattern out like butter!! I love my Eclips machine!
I cut two snowflakes and sandwiched them together with hot glue. I laced tiny green ribbon around the outside  and tied it at the top. It measures approximately 2" round.

I used gold rickrack around the middle of the snowflake. 

This is the back with a gold rhinestone and star. I love how it turned out! Great for any tree or package for the Holidays!

This is the snowflake in red, sized 3 1/2" round. 

 I used large red rickrack around the middle.

This is the back that I finished off with red rickrack and a heart using the Epiphany heart shaped tool.

Here's the min Ballet slippers from Mary Clara's Christmas Eve svg kit. The slippers measure approximately 3" x 1" and are just the right size to hang on a tree or add to your Holiday package.
I just Love the ballet slippers!
Get this Christmas Ornament kit below.

Watch the trailer to see Clara's Christmas Eve kit

This is an ornament that I made awhile back and can't remember where I got the file. If someone knows, please email me and I will post credit. 
This really cute pinecone ornament measures approximately 3" x 2".


I inked the edges with browns and added a touch of gold. 
Great Tree decorations for the Holidays!

That's it for today my friends!
Have a wonderful day!

Keep watching for new Christmas creations to come!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Paper Ornament

Hello my Dear Friend!
 I've been busy getting my craft classes ready for the Holidays. I'm so excited to share all my beautiful Christmas Ornaments with you.
This darling little mini Reindeer ornament is one of many that we will be making in my classes. Also, I just started my very own Meet Up Group here in the high desert. Check it out and if you live around or near me, I would Love to have you join us.  Please leave me a comment, just to say hello :)

You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen!

But do you recall and remember this Ole Fashioned standup reindeer?
Yes, it's Rudolph with his Shinning Nose!

This little guy is soooo cute! He is really really easy and fast to make. So, if you wanted to make a lot for family or friends, it wouldn't take that long. He cuts in four parts, antlers,body and two legs. That's it! Add his eyes and oh, don't forget his Red Nose and Bell, tied with a pretty Red ribbon. You can decorate him in many colors and even add white dots, glitter or whatever your heart desires. Super fun to make!
 My white dots were glue I cut him out in white card stock and inked him, After I glued him together. Not a good thing to do!! I was so anxious to see him all together, that I didn't ink him first. I may add a few more dots to even him out...haha

This a view of his legs and body. I just cut slits in the top of his legs and glued it to his body.

Here's one that I haven't decorated yet, but cut in brown paper. 

Such a Cute ornament to make for your tree or share him with all your friends and family. He measures approximately 5" tall x 2 1/2" wide. He can stand up or be hung on a tree or in a window. Great to put on a special gift box or for decoration.
Click on the link below for the large & small sized Reindeer svg scut file

I have a story to share!

I remember my dad cutting this Reindeer out of wood, in the garage for my mother. She gave him the idea and he went to work creating a wonderful wood cutout. This was relaxing for him,after a hard days work, being a Supervisor of large construction buildings. He even remodeled Frank Sinatra's flat in LA and made a Gold Bar top for a prominent Doctor in Palos Verdes. He was very creative and a wonderful craftsman. My mom was a great artist and Loved painting. As you can see, she did a fabulous job on the Reindeer with all the details. 
I have more of their creations that I've tucked away and will be sharing with you.

That's it for today my friends!
Have a wonderful week and keep watching for more adorable Christmas ornaments.

Don't forget to Vote!

When I arrived at my polling place at 7:30 am, the parking lot was empty, except for one car, MINE. I thought, maybe I went to the wrong place. I walked into a Very Large EMPTY room. I said, hey, did everybody sleep in because of the time change??? Ok...Is this Candid Camera and I get to be on TV??  I have Never been the only one to get there first! Besides, they opened at 7:00 am and I thought it would have been packed with all the people that go to work. I told them that I should get a star or something for being the First to arrive and they all laughed.....I could have slept in :)
 Oh well, I voted!