Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dress Shop Burgundy and Pink Striped Lipstick Boxes

Hello my sweet friends!
Today I made these darling Lipstick boxes from 
Mary's Dress Shop kit.
See the link below.
 I made the pink Lipstick box the original size (7.5" Tall x 2" wide)  
from Mary's file.
For the burgundy lipstick box I stretched it to fit on a 12 x 12 paper,
 and it measures ( 11" Tall x 2.5" wide) 

Both boxes match the Hat Boxes that I posted in my last post.

This is the lipstick with the matching lid .
Is this just too cute!!!

This is how the lid looks covering the lipstick.
The lid was made using the two bottom boxes and placing the smaller 
one  inside the larger one.

I added  burgundy panels around the small box and black panels
around the larger box. I glued black braid and black ribbons
on each corner of the larger box and also added ribbons on top.
Sorry for the blurred pic. It's really hard to show black on black LOL

What a darling gift box for any lady or young girl!
Can you imagine their surprise when they open it up?

 At first glance, the recipient will think it is just another pretty box.
When they take the lid off, they will be so surprised to see the Lipstick.
Then, they will lift the Lipstick to find a  surprise gift in the bottom box.
I simply love it!  

I used seed beads to cover the top and gems and
 burgundy ribbon up the sides. Glossy accents was used in place of glue. I find
that it really holds braids, ribbon etc on better than glue sometimes. 
Oh, I simply love love the Lineco glue the girls were talking
 about on Mary & Leo's facebook site. 
You can get it on Amazon at a good price.
It's the BEST!

The pink striped lipstick box was so fun to embellish with pretty papers, roses and gems. 
Now I need to make a top for it.
I love both size Lipstick holders.One for small gifts and one for large.
They will look so cute in the Hat Boxes and make wonderful gifts.

You can get the Lipstick box and more in Mary's Dress Shop svg kit by
 clicking on the link below
I Love this kit!!

Here's a FREEBIE for you from Mary at

That's it my friends for another crafty day here in Apple Valley.
Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dress Shop Vintage Victorian Hat Boxes And Fascinator Hat

Hi my crafty friends!
I've been having fun making these pretty hat boxes from Mary's kit " Dress Shop"
Click on the link to get the kit.

Mary used Graphic 45 papers and they are sooo pretty.

I just Love this kit!!!

This was one of the first hat boxes that I made and when I was in Michael's I found
the clock paper for my lid top and stripped for the inside and around the lid. I love clocks probably because 
of the musical chimes each one makes. 

Mary's flowers are so fun and easy to make.

You can make a tall or flat flower with the file. It just depends how much you glue the cut piece over.
 For the large flower I cupped it tighter.

I finished the Fascinator hat for my burgundy clock Hat box.
I really enjoyed creating these cute hats!

For this darling hat I resized the lid from the hat box. The flowers are made from Mary's  "Dress Shop kit.

Now I need to make a Fascinator hat for my daughter Hat box.
What style shall I choose???
If you have any suggestions, please email me and I will be happy to make your hat.
Soooo fun!

I wanted to make this hat box to match the Dress form that I made in my last post. Very dainty and
pretty in pinks and blacks.

I measured and cut by hand the pink and white stripped and also the black and white for the
outside panels. I glued black braid around the outside box. I also added tiny silk roses around the pink stripped paper.

I just happened to have the birds in my stash and they worked perfect on top.

I really like how the Hat box turned out and it goes quite nicely with the Dress form. 
Very delicate and pretty! I really enjoy making Mary's creations.

I simply had to add this exquisite Fascinator hat to this collection.
Elise Dony Tribke made a suggestion on Leo & Mary's Facebook site that we
 needed a Fascinator in the Hat box.

 I thought how cute it would be to make this Fascinator to match my Hat box and Dress form.
 Thanks Elise for the inspiration!

I used the top from Mary's " Honeybee Tea svg kit"
Click on the link to see the whole kit.

Yep, that's the Teapot lid made into a Fascinator hat. Who would have thought... LOL
I made it a little larger so that it would accommodate all the feathers, flowers and decorations.

I added black satin ribbon to tie around the neck.
A really fun project to make!
Hope you enjoyed my fancy hat.
I'm wondering if Princess Kate has one like this?/ :)

I made this Hat box with my daughter Jessica in mind. She has Burgundy, black and beige in
her office and a Very large standing dress form.
I thought a nice Hat box was in order :)

I used gold foil around the bottom box and added some tiny rose paper inside for the lining.

I gluedsome gems to give the flower a little shine.

For this flower I glued three petals from patterned paper and glued a small flower in burgundy to the center.
Fun flowers to make and very quick and easy. 
The Hat boxes are winners and will definitely be on display for everyone to enjoy.

I had to make this Fascinator hat to match the Hat box. They are so fun
to make. For the top of the hat I used the top of the apple box file in Miss Bakers Classroom kit. The
round rim is from the Hat box in the Dress Shop kit.
I used gold cord binding around the edge of the hat and a black ribbon for the tie.
I love how it turned out and can't wait for my daughter to see it.

The flower from the Dress Form in the Dress Shop kit. They are so quick and easy to assemble. 

FREE FREE FREE Vintage Shoe SVG file from

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That's it my friends for another day.
I hope that I've inspired you today.
Have a wonderful week!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dress Shop Pink Lacey Dress Form Ziegfeld Follies

Hello my sweet crafters!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Hey, don't forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour.
I have soooo many clocks to set...ugh!!
Good think I Love clocks! LOL

Today I made this darling dress form using pink lace, fishnet and flowers.
I just love how it turned out. 
As I was gluing the parts together, I knew that I wanted to decorate it
dainty and elegant. First off I thought of Bright red and a Spanish dancer but I didn't
have the red lace. My next thought was to use my pretty pink ruffled lace and make it
into a dress that could be in the Ziegfeld Follies. I just love that movie! So my 
creation began to take shape.

The original size is 12.5" tall. I made mine extra large so it stands 20" Tall.
Yes, it is very tall and very elegant sitting on my table.
It's definitely  a WOW creation!
You can get this file along with Mary's other creations below.
FREE with purchase!
Elegant Dress Form from Mary "Dress Shop kit" here
Get this darling kit FREE with purchase for a limited time!

Love love this kit! I can't wait to make the hat box, lipstick and cards. 

Can you guess what I used for the black fishnet?
Well, I've been saving all the plastic net bags that come with lemon, grapefruit, etc.
My sister asked me why I was saving them and said that they wouldn't be of use for 
anything. Ha, I fooled her LOL
 I just knew I would be using them soon.
I tacked the netting up under the top lace and pulled up each end with black ribbons.
I can just see this on someone with a black leotard long sleeve top and leggings that show through
the black netting. Hey, I may take up
This was so fun  and easy to assemble like all of Mary's svg cutting files.

Lovely gift for someone special. The top opens up so you can put a small gift inside.
A great conversation piece on any table. I hope that I've inspired you to start making these
wonderful creations. It's so much fun!

That's it my friends!
Have a great week!