Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Suzy's Apple Arrangement Teacher Pet Cricut New Tools Perforated Banana Card Debossed Ice Cream Cone Card

Hello all my crafty friends. 

It's that time again! 
Yes, it's time for all those kiddies to get back in
school and give their moms a break. haha 
She needs to get crafting!! lol

This is an adorable collection from Dreaming Tree and the perfect
gifts for the Teachers. Who wouldn't want any one of these cute projects.
First up is this darling Suzy Apple arrangement with the cute little worm.
I simply love how it turned out and will be making many more. Very easy
to assemble watching Leo's tutorial and a really WOW gift for anyone on 
your list.
This Teacher's Pet Bundle is currently on the site and if you make
a purchase of 9.98 you will receive the "Early Bird Christmas Bundle
FREE. See pic below
Yes, you get this whole bundle FREE!
WOW! Amazing Christmas Bundles!
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I'm Chiquita banana and I've come to say.........
presenting my Banana card to you. :)
This is a very special card using the New Cricut Maker  Perforation blade from
Cricut. Yes, Cricut has New tools for us to play with and this
is one of them. I'll post them all below for you to see.

Ta da!! Just peel open the Banana to reveal the sentiment. Isn't 
this just the cutest card ever!! It's Free in Design Space Access and
sooo easy to assemble. Send someone this special card and you
can add whatever sentiment you like. So unique and clever. Plus
there's tons of cards using the new Perforation blade! Have fun!

 Here are all the New Cricut Maker Tools. I'm demonstrating the
Perforation blade and Fine Debossing tip.
Next week I'll show the other two tools.
Click below to buy these tools.

Everyone loves Ice Cream and this card is no exception.
This was an Access card in Design Space. I use Cricut Holographic Foil vinyl
for the Ice Cream and Gold and red for the cone and cherry.
I used my Big Shot to cut the love you and hearts. The sides
have Washi tape in strips and I added a little red bow.
I love the detailed debossing on the cone and top. 

The details are not as clear as the top pic, but I wanted to show how you can
add a coordinating color inside. The New Debossing tip is a winner! So
many possibilities and unique cards, scrapbook pages, leather and more.
If you'd like to get these New tools, please click the link under
the picture above. Thanks

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How about a Freebie from Birdscards.
Beautiful flowers

SVG Flower File

Flower Tutorial

That's it for another crafty day in my craft room!
I hope that I've inspired you to give these beautiful creations
a try. The New Cricut tools are amazing and the possibilities
are endless. Check back next week as I showcase the Etching and
Wavy tools.
Have a great week my friends

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tropical Vibes Gift Box Beach, Ginger, Hawaii, Hibiscus, House Plant, Pineapple, Plant, Summer, SVG, Tropical

Hello my crafty friends! 
Is everyone ready for summer fun? Well, it's definitely going to be
a sizzling summer in Apple Valley, going up past the 100's. Whew!
My fruit trees are so hot, they are dropping fruit, left and right...haha
Lots of yummy apples, peaches, apricots, plums, pears and figs. Yes,
my sister suggested I plant lots of fruit trees. And, she's in Arizona and not
one bit help in harvesting and making jams and apple pies. Well, she
misses out on some delicious goodies.

Dreaming Tree came out with this Delicious set and I couldn't resist!

Grab the set Free with purchase for a limited time.
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If you miss this set, Leo always offers a Free set with all his
latest releases with a purchase. A Win Win!!

Hibiscus Gift Treat Box
This is gorgeous for a special gift, if your going to a summer
gathering or a Hawaiian party. Simply Gorgeous! 

I picked Graphic 45 papers for my Hibiscus gift treat box. For the
base of the box, I used white cardstock. A very fun and easy to
assemble box and would make a WOW gift for anyone. Nice size
for a special gift and will be sure to please. I love it and you will too.

 This is the Golden Pineapple Lantern!
It's so beautiful and yummy! I can't wait to make this
for a summer party. Great table decor and gorgeous all lit up.

Just want the Golden Pineapple Lantern?

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Everyone loves a FREEBIE!
This is soooo sweet!

This Watermelon is the perfect little snack bowl. 
And it's FREE from Dreaming Tree!! I Love it! 
Click on the link below

That's it for another day in my craft room. Keep an eye out for more
exciting creations my friends. 
Make it a crafty day!
Hugs, Misty

Sunday, June 30, 2019

      WIN WIN WIN     
****Wow!!! HURRY!**** 
*******Before JULY 4th*******
We are so excited!!
Join our New Cricut Crafting group and Bring all you Friends!

Gisela and I are forming a New Cricut crafting Facebook group.
We know there are SOOOO MANY groups, but this is a little different. 
                   We will direct you to wherever the deals are.  Not only one business, 
 but many. You can ask questions and hopefully get answers as long as appropriate
 and craft related.  ANY craft type welcome... we want diversity.

             We will be sharing Free design files, crafty tips, giveaways and so much more.
Join and WIN with a Bang on the 4th of July!!!          
Click on the link
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Drawing will be held on July 4th 12 noon CT
"Cricut Metallic Poster Board"
Thanks and have a very crafty day!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens Flower Ink Sheets Ceramic Coasters & Big Shot Test

Well, hello my crafty friends! My, how time gets away from you, when your
having so much fun crafting. I've been involved in a special Cricut
testing group for the last month, showcasing their New Infusible ink Products. 
Cricut sent me a Trendsetter kit to test. See pic below.
What an honor that's been and so fun.
One XL white Shirt
One 14 x 14 beige Tote Bag
One set/4 Ceramic Coaster Blanks 
One Blue Heat Resistant Tape
One set of Infusible Basic Ink Pens
One Box Wildflower Infusible sheets/4
One Box Infusible Cherry Red Sheets/2
One Mini Lint Roller
White 12 x 12 cardstock
Sheet Butchers paper

I was so happy to begin this amazing adventure using these special
products. And as you will see, they are truly amazing! First, I just wanted
to try it out on the small squares that were included in the ink sheets. I 
was curious if I could use it in my Big Shot, manual cutting machine and 
so I tested it first before I was brave enough to do my coasters. lol Am I
the only one that feels like that?? I just wanted to make sure I did it
right without mistakes. haha Well, we do learn from our mistakes they say. :) 
This is my Big Shot, but other manual machines should work as well.
 This was my first test using my Big Shot. I'm sure
you could use the Cuttlebug or any other one also. I cut some
small pieces from the Cherry Red and Yellow flowered Ink
sheets. Next, I found some heart and bunny dies and rolled 
them through the Big Shot. The top picture show them cut
out and the second picture is after  I pressed them.

I used the EasyPress2  set at 385F for 40 sec. I love how
 vivid the colors turned out. The birds and butterflies are 
also a die run through the Big Shot machine. So for this test
you can absolutely use your Cuttlebug or Big Shot machine with
the ink transfer sheets with success. 
Amazing products!!

Amazing Ceramic Coaster!
Okay, now for my Ceramic Coasters! The box I made for
these coasters are from Carole Prevost on Facebook. If you
join her group, you will have access to all her file in Design Space.

I found the perfect cling stamp and inked it in black. I stamped
all sides, top and bottom of the box. I think it came out great and matches
my coasters. Great to give as gifts with a pretty ribbon on the top.

Are these gorgeous or what!!! 
They are so shiny and professional 
looking, I can't believe I made them and it was so easy. They look like
they came from Macy's Department store. lol
I'm thinking I would love to make the large tiles like you see
in kitchens and bathrooms.Tile backsplash! Wouldn't that be so cool! 
Your own design or drawing that you made. So many possibilities!

This is a close up. My Cricut Maker did it all! You can use the pens to
Free hand draw or paint also. Yes, how fun would it be to have your kids
draw something special on the Laser paper. What a cherished keepsake
that would be. Cricut has opened up a whole new way of crafting
and it's so fun and easy.

The Cricut#Infusibleink pens are Magical and as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Place laser paper on your mat, find your design in DS and insert the infusible ink pen.

2. Push MAKE and the Maker will begin to draw and cut your design out.

          3.  Place your Design Face Down on your coaster and use the special heat tape to secure it.        Place White Cardstock on your Easy Press mat. Place your coaster, Design Side Down and then Butcher paper. Press at 400 for 240 seconds. Wait until it cools before touching.

That's it!!!!
You just made a professional looking coaster for a special gift or to keep for yourself. It's so magical and Cricut made it possible with these fantastic pens and markers. 
Let the Fun begin! 

This is the whole set! What do you think? Wouldn't these be
a perfect Holiday gift for anyone on your list. They are  so shiny
and look so professional, that I can't believe I made them. Yes,
this is truly going to be on my Holiday list. And, when my 
daughter see's these in person, I know she will want me to make
them for all her (150) clients and personnel. OMG! What have I
gotten myself into. lol Good thing it's easy haha Oh I think I'll
have her join in the fun! ;) 

That's it my friends for another day in my crafty room. I
hope that I've inspired you to give these exciting new pens and
ink sheets a try. And if you need any help, I'm Misty Morgan
on Facebook. Just shoot me a message and I'll be there to help
you however I can. 
Most of all, have Fun and a Rainbow week.

Grab this beautiful Rainbow FREEBIE!

This is from MissKatesCuttable site
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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Elegant High Heel Shoe Card Collection & Bunny Door Hangers FREE

Hello again, my dear friends! Look at all these lovely cards in 
so many beautiful colors. They are certainly a Wow card!
 As I mentioned in my last post, I was going to make some of these elegant 
High Heel shoe cards. Well, here they are in all their glory. I had so
much fun that I couldn't stop making them. I love them!!! I have a
set for me too! ;)  
And if you like, you can buy these exact same cards in my New Etsy store.

Yippee!! I just opened my ETSY STORE!!!

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Elegant High Heel Card Collection in my store
You can get this stunning High Heel Greeting card svg file FREE from
Dreaming Tree.
It's gorgeous .
You can get it now and start crafting them too.

Click on the link below to get the High Heel Shoe svg.

Up first is this elegant High Heel card in Burgundy and black with a touch of
white with green leaves. The inside is left blank so you can
add your own sentiment. Gorgeous Card! Comes with a
matching envelope and enclosed in a special box envelope. See discription
and pictures below.
Stunning card!

Up next is the pretty black dotted and pink High Heel with
pretty rhinestones in each flower. 
Gorgeous card! 

Up next is this delightful pink and white with black accents up
the shoe. Beautiful card!

Up next is this exquisite purple with black dotted cardstock and
lavender and purple accents.
Sooo elegant! 

Up next is this beautiful sunny yellow with black and white 
accents A charming card!

All of the High Heel cards come with these matching envelopes
that fit perfectly inside. What a great collection! Now you can 
send and pick your favorites colors to send.
So unique and lovely collection!

This is the exquisite envelope box that the High Heel cards can be stored in.
When you need a beautiful card, it will ready for you or give the whole
collection as a gift. The pink sheer ribbon ties it securely.

Inside of the envelope box with pretty designer paper and pretty
white cutout up the middle. Great to keep your cards safe.

This is the whole collection of elegant and gorgeous High Heel cards.
Just think, you can have this collection already made in all these
delightful colors along with the beautiful envelope box to have as
your very own. Check them out in my New Etsy store above.
Or, if your crafty like me, you can make all these beautiful cards 
yourself. The choice is yours!

Well, guess what just popped in???
Yes, it's these Easter Bunny Door Hangers!!
They are FREE to make in Design Space.
I really enjoyed making these cute bunny Door Hangers for 
everyone to enjoy. 
They would be darling on any Bunnies door this Easter.

Yes, I couldn't forget Mr Bunny!
They are both fun and easy to assemble and will delight
all those kiddies and adults also.
You can get my Free file by clicking on the link below.

Well, that's it folks for another crafty day in my craft room.
Hope I've inspired you to craft some of these fun projects.

Please check out my New Etsy Store and like my page.
I appreciate you!
Sending warm wishes and lots of smiles your way!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Exquisite Spring Greeting Cards Everyday Cards

Sit back and enjoy a cup of warm tea or coffee, because I have
some exquisite and delightful cards to share with you today. Plus
some Amazing SALES!!!

 Hi again, my dear friends!
It's beginning to feel like Springtime here in Apple Valley and all
my fruit trees are blossoming. Can't wait to taste all those delicious
apples, peaches, apricots, plums and figs. Yes, I have tons of fruit
trees (17) and I can thank my sister for suggesting each and everyone. Lots
of work, but so rewarding and delicious. Everyone needs a couple
of fruit trees, right? haha  Think of all the friends you make happy and
besides that old saying, An Apple a day keeps the Dr. away.
Well, there might be something to that quote after all. :)

As you know, I love to craft and these beautiful Everyday Cards and
envelope box are no exception. This collection comes from Dreaming
Tree and is so intricate and lovely for all those special occasions that
you need a quick card for. They even come with matching envelopes
and also an envelope box to hold them.

Super special Bundle from Dreaming Tree!
Get the whole collection here or buy individually.
Click on the click below to get the Everyday Card collection.
By clicking on my affiliate link below, I get a small commission at no
cost to you. I appreciate your support! Thank you!

Up next is this pretty soft pink and purple "Thanks" card with the
delicate cutouts. So quick and fun to make. I used designer paper
for the envelope, but you can mix or match them with any you like.
A delightful card to send or receive. Make someone smile today! :)

Up next is this delightful "Invite" card. Who wouldn't want to
receive this card. A very special card indeed and oh so fun and
quick to make. Mix and match your colors or make them all the
same. They will be sure to delight them!

Up next is the "Thanks" card. I used a bright orange for the
inside color and mint green cardstock. Looks totally different from
the purple card on top. Make them in all colors to have
on hand for those special moments of thanks. Gorgeous cards
and so unique!

Up last is this lovely Envelope box to hold all those gorgeous
cards. This is simply the prettiest box envelope that I've made,
with the cutout and lovely matching flower and satin ribbon.
Think of those special occasions that you will have handy
at a moments notice. Change out the sentiments in Design
Space and cutout with your cutting machine.
I use the Cricut Maker, just because I can have the choice of
cutting cardstocks or fabrics and so many other things.
This is the Rose Gold Cricut Maker that my daughter got me
for Christmas. I LOVE LOVE it!
It's Sooooo Pretty and Smart too!
It's on SALE!!!

Sale Sale Sale!!!
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Cricut is having a Sale!!
Cricut Maker Bundle!
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Who doesn't want a Raspberry Cricut Cutie!!
Plus 24 Rolls of Vinyl...YES 24 Rolls!!!
This is a Super Super sale that Cricut is having and
you don't want to miss it. Two other bundles are available, but
may sell out fast.
Get the Raspberry Cutie Bundle by clicking on the link below.
Yes, I couldn't pass it up...WOW 24 Roll!
I will be showcasing some items that I will be using
all these beautiful vinyls on.
Oh I love love the Holographic rolls ...2 of each color!
Grab it before it's sold out!!
If you have Cricut access you get 10% and put in code ML10
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Run don't walk!! lol

                      Cutie + Vinyl & Iron-On Bundle

16 rolls and 1 Lilac Cricut Cutie
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 20 rolls and 1 Flamingo Cutie
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Dreaming Tree Sale!
Spend $9.98 or more on Dreaming Trees Site.
Type FREEGIFT into the coupon code box during checkout
Elegant Evening Bags SVG Bundle will be automatically added to your order, FREE!
That’s it!
Click on the link below to get these adorable bags FREE

Side picture of the envelope box.
Back side of box envelope. I used Close To My Heart Flaxen
12 x 12 paper for the base of the box. I love their paper and bought
some when my friend, Gisela had an online sale.

Sizes for Everyday Cards and Box Envelope.
Greeting Box Envelope – 5″H x 6.75″W x 1″D
Greeting Card – 4.5″H x 6.25″W
Invitation Card – 4.5″H x 6.25″W
Thank You Card – 6.25″H x 4.5″W

Well that's it for another day in my crafty room.
I hope that I've inspired you once again and please
keep watching, because I will be making these stunning
High Heel shoe cards to share with you in different sizes and colors
Pinks and Reds ;)
Soooo fun to make!
Totally FREE svg file!
Sneak Peek!

You can get this stunning High Heel show card FREE
It's gorgeous and keep watching as I will be posting a whole
collection of these in a few days.
You can get it now and start making them.

Click on the link below to get the High Heel Shoe card.

Until next time my dear friends, have a wonderful
weekend and see you soon.
Sending love and sunshine your way!