Sunday, June 30, 2019

      WIN WIN WIN     
****Wow!!! HURRY!**** 
*******Before JULY 4th*******
We are so excited!!
Join our New Cricut Crafting group and Bring all you Friends!

Gisela and I are forming a New Cricut crafting Facebook group.
We know there are SOOOO MANY groups, but this is a little different. 
                   We will direct you to wherever the deals are.  Not only one business, 
 but many. You can ask questions and hopefully get answers as long as appropriate
 and craft related.  ANY craft type welcome... we want diversity.

             We will be sharing Free design files, crafty tips, giveaways and so much more.
Join and WIN with a Bang on the 4th of July!!!          
Click on the link
 below to join

Drawing will be held on July 4th 12 noon CT
"Cricut Metallic Poster Board"
Thanks and have a very crafty day!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens Flower Ink Sheets Ceramic Coasters & Big Shot Test

Well, hello my crafty friends! My, how time gets away from you, when your
having so much fun crafting. I've been involved in a special Cricut
testing group for the last month, showcasing their New Infusible ink Products. 
Cricut sent me a Trendsetter kit to test. See pic below.
What an honor that's been and so fun.
One XL white Shirt
One 14 x 14 beige Tote Bag
One set/4 Ceramic Coaster Blanks 
One Blue Heat Resistant Tape
One set of Infusible Basic Ink Pens
One Box Wildflower Infusible sheets/4
One Box Infusible Cherry Red Sheets/2
One Mini Lint Roller
White 12 x 12 cardstock
Sheet Butchers paper

I was so happy to begin this amazing adventure using these special
products. And as you will see, they are truly amazing! First, I just wanted
to try it out on the small squares that were included in the ink sheets. I 
was curious if I could use it in my Big Shot, manual cutting machine and 
so I tested it first before I was brave enough to do my coasters. lol Am I
the only one that feels like that?? I just wanted to make sure I did it
right without mistakes. haha Well, we do learn from our mistakes they say. :) 
This is my Big Shot, but other manual machines should work as well.
 This was my first test using my Big Shot. I'm sure
you could use the Cuttlebug or any other one also. I cut some
small pieces from the Cherry Red and Yellow flowered Ink
sheets. Next, I found some heart and bunny dies and rolled 
them through the Big Shot. The top picture show them cut
out and the second picture is after  I pressed them.

I used the EasyPress2  set at 385F for 40 sec. I love how
 vivid the colors turned out. The birds and butterflies are 
also a die run through the Big Shot machine. So for this test
you can absolutely use your Cuttlebug or Big Shot machine with
the ink transfer sheets with success. 
Amazing products!!

Amazing Ceramic Coaster!
Okay, now for my Ceramic Coasters! The box I made for
these coasters are from Carole Prevost on Facebook. If you
join her group, you will have access to all her file in Design Space.

I found the perfect cling stamp and inked it in black. I stamped
all sides, top and bottom of the box. I think it came out great and matches
my coasters. Great to give as gifts with a pretty ribbon on the top.

Are these gorgeous or what!!! 
They are so shiny and professional 
looking, I can't believe I made them and it was so easy. They look like
they came from Macy's Department store. lol
I'm thinking I would love to make the large tiles like you see
in kitchens and bathrooms.Tile backsplash! Wouldn't that be so cool! 
Your own design or drawing that you made. So many possibilities!

This is a close up. My Cricut Maker did it all! You can use the pens to
Free hand draw or paint also. Yes, how fun would it be to have your kids
draw something special on the Laser paper. What a cherished keepsake
that would be. Cricut has opened up a whole new way of crafting
and it's so fun and easy.

The Cricut#Infusibleink pens are Magical and as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Place laser paper on your mat, find your design in DS and insert the infusible ink pen.

2. Push MAKE and the Maker will begin to draw and cut your design out.

          3.  Place your Design Face Down on your coaster and use the special heat tape to secure it.        Place White Cardstock on your Easy Press mat. Place your coaster, Design Side Down and then Butcher paper. Press at 400 for 240 seconds. Wait until it cools before touching.

That's it!!!!
You just made a professional looking coaster for a special gift or to keep for yourself. It's so magical and Cricut made it possible with these fantastic pens and markers. 
Let the Fun begin! 

This is the whole set! What do you think? Wouldn't these be
a perfect Holiday gift for anyone on your list. They are  so shiny
and look so professional, that I can't believe I made them. Yes,
this is truly going to be on my Holiday list. And, when my 
daughter see's these in person, I know she will want me to make
them for all her (150) clients and personnel. OMG! What have I
gotten myself into. lol Good thing it's easy haha Oh I think I'll
have her join in the fun! ;) 

That's it my friends for another day in my crafty room. I
hope that I've inspired you to give these exciting new pens and
ink sheets a try. And if you need any help, I'm Misty Morgan
on Facebook. Just shoot me a message and I'll be there to help
you however I can. 
Most of all, have Fun and a Rainbow week.

Grab this beautiful Rainbow FREEBIE!

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