Friday, January 31, 2014

Poinsettia Paper Clock

Hello again my friends!
I just had to make One more Christmas clock with these pretty Poinsettia's to 
share with you today.
I used the Tattered Lace Poinsettia and Mary's clock face and numbers from the Maison de Madeline kit. 

I bought the clock parts from site. They have a wonderful collection of clock parts
and motors. They are so easy to assemble. I'm officially called the Clock lady! LOL
Oh did I say that I must have at least 3 clocks in every room. I Love the sounds of beautiful clocks!

When my son comes to visit overnight with his family, he takes all the batteries and shuts them all down so he can get a good nights sleep. Haha 

I inked and pop dotted each poinsettia to the green base and added some leaves all around it.
I think I will use this for my Christmas class at the the clubhouse. 
That's it for Christmas and now on to SPRINGY things! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting!

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