Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dress Shop Burgundy and Pink Striped Lipstick Boxes

Hello my sweet friends!
Today I made these darling Lipstick boxes from 
Mary's Dress Shop kit.
See the link below.
 I made the pink Lipstick box the original size (7.5" Tall x 2" wide)  
from Mary's file.
For the burgundy lipstick box I stretched it to fit on a 12 x 12 paper,
 and it measures ( 11" Tall x 2.5" wide) 

Both boxes match the Hat Boxes that I posted in my last post.

This is the lipstick with the matching lid .
Is this just too cute!!!

This is how the lid looks covering the lipstick.
The lid was made using the two bottom boxes and placing the smaller 
one  inside the larger one.

I added  burgundy panels around the small box and black panels
around the larger box. I glued black braid and black ribbons
on each corner of the larger box and also added ribbons on top.
Sorry for the blurred pic. It's really hard to show black on black LOL

What a darling gift box for any lady or young girl!
Can you imagine their surprise when they open it up?

 At first glance, the recipient will think it is just another pretty box.
When they take the lid off, they will be so surprised to see the Lipstick.
Then, they will lift the Lipstick to find a  surprise gift in the bottom box.
I simply love it!  

I used seed beads to cover the top and gems and
 burgundy ribbon up the sides. Glossy accents was used in place of glue. I find
that it really holds braids, ribbon etc on better than glue sometimes. 
Oh, I simply love love the Lineco glue the girls were talking
 about on Mary & Leo's facebook site. 
You can get it on Amazon at a good price.
It's the BEST!

The pink striped lipstick box was so fun to embellish with pretty papers, roses and gems. 
Now I need to make a top for it.
I love both size Lipstick holders.One for small gifts and one for large.
They will look so cute in the Hat Boxes and make wonderful gifts.

You can get the Lipstick box and more in Mary's Dress Shop svg kit by
 clicking on the link below
I Love this kit!!

Here's a FREEBIE for you from Mary at

That's it my friends for another crafty day here in Apple Valley.
Have a wonderful day!

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