Saturday, August 9, 2014

Midnight Jamboree Halloween Pumpkin Clock

Hi again my friends!
I just knew I would be making a clock of some sort. If you know me, I Love clock. lol
I must have over 45 clocks throughout my home. Yep, I know that's a lot of noise, but I love all
the chimes.
When my son comes up to visit, he shuts them all down and takes the batteries out. He says
he can't sleep with all that noise. Soooo in the morning nobody knows what time it is :)
 Well,that's son for you lol

 I cut many layers of each piece so that the whole clock is like heavy cardboard. 
It can be hung on a wall or set in a stand. 
I love how it came out and will probably have him displayed on my wall around Halloween.
For the large base outside pumpkin I enlarged the tiny pumpkin and also made a smaller inside layer.
The fall leaves are silk and I added a few buttons and a bow.
Really fun project to make and so easy when you use Mary's files. If you would like detailed instructions, please email me and I will be happy to help you.

The kit I used for the clock face is Maison de Madeline 

Click on the link to get this kit

The kit I used for the small pumpkin is from the Midnight Jamboree 

Click on the link to get this kit

This is the back of the clock. I purchased the clock parts online at
They have a great selection and ship very fast. Great company for clock parts.
If you are interested in obtaining the exact parts to make this clock, I would be happy 
to supply you with that information if you email me at the top right corner of this page.

Here's a FREE Vintage Witch svg  from Mary

One last thing to tell you before I wrap it up here.
Guess what?? I'm a Winner winner Chicken dinner over at Scrapbooking Made Simple Facebook site.
Yes, I WON this pretty Memory Box die "New Shining Candle"!
And, you know it will be something that I will use for my Christmas classes. Yippee!!
You need to go check Stacey's FB site out below!

That's it for another day my friends.
Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again soon.

Have a great weekend!

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