Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tulips Windmill Hearts Folk Art Valentine Cards Cricut Design Studio

Hello again my friends!
Today was a lovely sunny day here in Apple Valley, CA and was in the 70's. It does get
cold in early mornings and evenings. I don't think I could take the cold snow that the news
has been broadcasting about the Big snow storm in the east.
 I hope everyone stays safe and bundled up.

Today I  made these beautiful Valentine cards to share with you. As you know from my
last post, I Love my Cricut Explore. I found these Folk Art Festival cards in Design Studio.

A very fast and easy card and looks so beautiful. 

Here's another Tulip card that could be used for most any occasion.
The red is the topper card glued onto a white base.

This was one of my favorites. I love windmills!
The Cricut  Explore cut all the cards beautifully and soooo quietly.

This heart Valentine card is so stunning. It cut the black outline perfectly and I glued
it onto the pink topper and then onto a white base. For the inside I used  the negative
of the black outline and glued a pink cutout heart.

I made this card for my oldest daughter's birthday that's in Feb.

She Love's Balloons so I made this piecing Happy Birthday for the inside of the card.
 Sorry forthe dark pics,I forgot to take it earlier before the sun went down.

Update on my Honeydew plant that I started fro a tiny seed.
It's growing like a weed!!!  I'm not seeing any melons yet but I think it
 needs to be pollinated/ I don't see any bee's around when I put it outside in the afternoons.
 Oh well! Any suggestions on what to do about that?
I was looking forward to yummy melons but I may have to buy some.
I guess I don't have a green thumb after all, LOL

How about a FREE svg Valentine's Box!!

Mary & Leo are sharing another Freebie!
Click on the link below

That's it my friends for another day.
Have a wonderful week!


Shirley Young said...

Lovely cards, I really like the Folk Art style.

Gloria Westerman said...

Cute cards...The little yellow blooms are your melons...just give it time...tfs