Sunday, October 1, 2017

Shriek! Halloween Bat Faux Leather Pop Out Card EEK!

Oh my, it's that month again and you know what that means. 
Yes, it's time for all those ghosts and gobblins that make Halloween
 Spooktacular on October 31th. As you can  probably tell I prefer 
the not so scary things, just because I'm a scaredy cat. haha

This is the Pumpkin that my mom made years ago, gluing two pieces of 
poster board together with Elmer's glue and then quickly cutting it out before 
the glue dried.  She traced the pumpkin face on and then painted in each part 
to make this extra large ( 15" x 13") pumpkin that she put on her door each year.
 I still have him and will display him proudly this month.
He has that special look that makes you just want to Smile for sure. lol

I even made a cutout card of him and she simply loved it.
Lots of memories!

Next up is the Creak 'n' Shriek collection by Bird.
This is an amazing new kit that is on sale over at  Birds.
Click on the link below to get the Halloween Creak 'n' Shriek kit

First up is this really unique Halloween Bat pop out card.  As you
can probably tell by now, I like lots of color and these little pumpkin
faces are no exception. I used green, yellow and orange pieces behind
the cutouts to create each delightful face. I found the perfect rainbow
ribbon to add a fun bow on top.

EEK!!!!      POP!!!
Yep, here's my Bat in all his glory! 

What was that saying from Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman?
Here's looking at ya kid! hehe

When you open up this card, he pops out to greet you. I cut 
him out in my Cricut Maker and used Faux pebbled leather 
and paper. This is  the first time using Cricut pebbled Faux 
leather and it cut just like butter and it was also easy to glue. 

Can you imagine your recipient's face when they open
this card and feel the bumpy leather. hehe
Makes him look Real. EEK!
A WOW card for sure.

Here's a close up picture of his wings and mouth. I added a large 
red sequin to his eyes and also later added glitter to his teeth.

This is the back of the card that I embossed and cut the oval 
a little smaller so it would have a black border. Oh, I found
the little Arsenic card in my Tim Holtz stash and thought
that would be a perfect touch to a surprise ending. hehe
You can stamp your sentiment or write a little note.
Here's the envelope to match with the pumpkin face.
Super wow card for all your Halloween guests or family and friend to
enjoy. Very easy to assemble with Bird's step by step video tutorial.
I think I'm going to send this to my daughter that mentioned they
saw a bat near their roof one time. Won't she be surprised when
she opens this one. hehe 

How about a Freebie Halloween card from Bird!
Plus get a glimpse of charming Lilly.

Click on the link below to get this Free Happy Halloween card.

That's it folks for another day in my crafty room.
I hope that I've inspired you to start your Halloween making
early and even be adventurous and try using Faux leather on
some of these incredible creations. I'm sure they will be a
WOW creation.
Have a Great week!


Helle Bilde Müller said...

Love your Bat card and the cheeky cute pumpkin your mom made <3 You did an awesome job dear Misty :-)

Ldybg93 said...

Great projects as always Misty! I have some Cricut faux leather that I haven't popped out of the package yet - clearly it's time! Spooktacular!! ~ Lee

Creative Lee said...

Soooo CUTE!!! :D

Unknown said...

Your Mum's pumpkin is so funny with his crooked teeth and dopey smile, I do love a family tradition to carry on :)

I love your colourful take on the Bat card and how awesome is the effect from the faux leather? It works so well and I can almost imagine how those wings will feel when you open and close the card.

Thank you so much Misty :)

- Bird

Misty Morgan said...

Thank you everyone for all your kind words of encouragement. I can't wait to send the bat card to my daughter and hear back from her. I'm sure I'll get an EEK! :)