Sunday, February 4, 2018

Truly- Madly- Deeply- Valentine Heart Lantern- Lips Box- Ornate Cards

Hello my crafty friends. I hope that everyone that had that flu
is well again by now.  Your well wishes really helped lift me up.
Thank you all!
I'm back to normal and have been crafting this gorgeous
Valentine heart lantern and cards by Bird's collection,
"Truly, Madly, Deeply"
It's simply divine!

You can get the collection by clicking on the link below.
And it comes with a step by step tutorial. How cool is that!

Up first is this lovely heart lantern that I cut out on my Cricut Maker, 
using white cardstock. I embossed the top lid with a dotted pattern. The
butterflies were in my stash that I bought a long time ago at the goodwill 
and knew that someday I would have good use for them. 
For the middle heart, I embossed it with Anna Griffin Aviary Cricut
Cuttlebug folder. I love this folder and it's the first time using it. 
I think it turned out perfect, wouldn't you agree.
 Since I used velum and it is pretty thin, I cut another heart out and
glued them together.
So pretty when the light shines through!

Side view and closeup of the pretty hearts going up the sides. I put a
multi colored led light in it and it's so beautiful at night and also during
the day. Quite fun and easy to assemble watching the tutorial.
Gorgeous lantern!

Close up of the pretty embossed bird on velum. There were some spots that kind
of tore and that's why I glued a second plain layer of velum behind it.
I love how it turned out!

This is Bird's Ornate framed love card from the collection.
I love how the envelope matches the card. So lovely!

Up next is this lovely ornate framed card all done in blue willow
and white. I used the Blue Rose Cottage from The paper studio that
I got from Hobby Lobby awhile back and I simply love this pack.
I added pearls and a florescent heart to the middle that could be
used for Mother's day or actually any occasion.
Very easy to assemble and is a gorgeous card to send to a special
friend or loved one.

Up next is my pretty pink and black card. Do you notice anything
different on this card? Well, I got distracted by my little pup, Katie
and I glued the roses in reverse. lol
And, when I pop dotted it, I put it on upside down.
I couldn't change the glued one, but I was
able to pop it off to turn it around. Whew! Thank you, Katie! haha

I also cut the love out in white, but also cut it in black and white
polka dots. I wanted the top to be in white and bottom dotted to
give it a different effect.
Hope you like the finished card. I think it turned out great.

Up last is my special card with a cameo in the center. This would make
a lovely Mother's Day card for anyone to be proud of and a keepsake for sure.
I used Graphic 45 paper with two shade of Lilac. I glued only the
black letters on this one, so that's why the "O" is smaller. The paper
was so pretty that I didn't want to cover it up with the full piece.
There are so many colors and patterns to make this lovely card very special.
 The picture doesn't do it justice, it's soooo pretty in person.

I wanted to thank, Bird for her gluing tip in her tutorial, while she glues
 the roses on. I've never thought of putting glue on that way.
If you haven't watched her video, you should watch it for sure.
 Great tip!

How about this adorable Free collection!!
Soooo adorable!!
Yes, it's All Free svg cutting files from Bird's!

Grab this Freebie by clicking on the link below.

That's it my friends for another crafty day.
Hope your weekend was great!
I hope that I inspired you once again.
Please let me know which card is your favorite.

Mine is the Blue willow! :) 


Helle Bilde Müller said...

You've been really busy :-) Love love love your lantern :-)

Unknown said...

I secretly hoped someone would make the lantern in white and you have! I love it! All of the red embellishments are awesome and work so well with the red vellum too. The range of colours and patterns in your cards is fantastic and I never would have noticed the upside down roses, they look just fine :)
Thank you so much for all of your wonderful creations :)

Misty Morgan said...

Thanks, Helle for your kind words. Yes, very busy. lol

Misty Morgan said...

Claina, Actually, I thought the white with red would be very striking, as I began adding the red embellishments. I simply love it and at night it's really gorgeous. I had fun making the cards even the upside down roses. lol Thank you Claina for creating these fantastic cutting files and giving me the honor of making them.

Lori said...

So lovely - every one of your projects! You've been really busy. Love that gorgeous lantern!

Misty Morgan said...

Thank you, Lori for your kind words. The lantern is so pretty at night when I switch on the multi colored led. Very tantalizing! Your right, I have been busy. I'm making up for lost time over the Holiday. lol

Ldybg93 said...

Such beautiful projects Misty! I really love the red and white lantern and the embellishments you added to it. I'll bet it's a joy to look at every night.
Your cards are equally lovely and I love the different patterns and colors you used to make them. You are so creative!

Misty Morgan said...

Thank you, Lee for your sweet comment. Yes, the lantern is very tantalizing for sure. I can't stop clicking on that remote. lol Thanks again for stopping by and happy crafting.

Misty Morgan said...
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