Saturday, September 23, 2023

 Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins!!!

Hello, my crafty friends!! I know it's been a LONGGGG time
since I last posted, but I'm back and ready to share all my crafty

things with you once again. I hope you love them!

After moving from Apple Valley to Washington State and unpacking

All my crafty stuff, I've finally been able to relax a little. 

Relax??? Well, crafting is relaxing! lol

        Isn't this just the Cutest Pumpkin in Patch!!                                 

I used Cricut Textured Papers for all my pumpkins and it's on Sale right now. I love this paper!!

Thank you for using our affiliate links! You're awesome!

As you can see, it's large enough to hold a small gift or can be

used as a Luminary. It's a cutie!!!

If you wish to make this cutie the links below. 

Thanks for using our affiliate links! You're awesome!

This is a very popular pumpkin Luminary in many groups. So, of
course, I had to make one but didn't stop at one. I got the whole
bundle! lol
Click below to get the whole bundle.
They are on Sale right now!

I made the Bird and Witch Pumpkins and love them. They are going to a friend for their Halloween decor. I did glue the vellum centerpieces to make them sturdier.  If you make these, please share them in my group here.  You will need to Join as it's a private group. Hope to see you soon.

Jennifer Maker offers the FREE Pumpkin Lantern file below.
She's amazing and shares all her files and tutorials!

Gorgeous Pumpkin Lanterns that she made!!!
Plus she shares a step-by-step tutorial.

Here are some of her darling pumpkins!
I just got her file today and will be making them. Plus she even shows you how to design your own pumpkin. How awesome is that!! Hope to see you soon in my group, Cricut Design Space with Misty Morgan. It's a private group so you will need to ask to join. 

That's it for today all my crafty friends. Have a Great weekend and happy crafting!
Hugs Misty

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