Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tulips Bunnies and Hummingbird Springtime Love Albums

Spring has arrived and my lovely daffodils are in full bloom.
I love this time of year watching all the flowers bloom . There are 16 fruit trees
that are starting to bud and show their pretty flowers. Yes, you read that right! lol
My sister talked me into planted all those trees and now when they all ripen
 and need harvesting, she's moved to Arizona....go figure :) 

Well......this little fella looks like me as I begin to think of canning peaches, nectarines, plums apples, pears, apricots figs, concord grapes and flame red. Well I'll have a little while longer to think about all that work. Whew!

Up first is this lovely Love Album that Melody Lane created for the Patreon group. I just joined
her group over at  Melody creates some great how
to videos for the Cricut Explore and Design Studio and if you pledge just one dollar a month, she will
send you beautiful cutting files like this Love Album and more. Great gal!

I embossed the dark pink with roses and added the little bunny and gems. You can
add Easter Eggs and more for an Easter Album.

How about a little St Patty Day's LOVE album. This album is so versatile and can be made for
most any occasion.  

This beautiful Hummingbird is from the svg creations within Design Studio and 
so easy and fun to assemble. It comes with 9 pieces that fit perfectly to make this
lovely Hummingbird. He measures almost 7" tall. I put a round magnet on the back so 
you can place him on your refrigerator or anything metal. 
I simply Love how he turned out and will be making many more in my classes.

One of my favorites of all the albums is this pretty yellow and white one.
I added gems and gold tiny butterflies and flowers.
 The picture really doesn't do it justice. 
It's so Spring and I love it.

Bird has created a FREE cutting file for you to enjoy.

Click on the link below to get it.

That's it for another day my friends. If your in the the East, I hope
Spring comes to you soon and if your in CA, then Spring has sprung :)

Have a wonderful week and keep watching for more exciting creations.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Spring Flower Embossed Card Peachy Keen Faces

Hello again my crafty friends!

Well, you know what I'm thinking :) SPRING!
Yep, it was in the high 80's here in Apple Valley again. Sooooo
that means that Springtime is approaching and I get to
do much needed gardening. 

I  was so happy with my spring card that I just had to share with you. The
other day I just happened to stop by Joann's. :)  They had a sale on the Darice
embossing folders at 5 for 10.00 and I just couldn't pass them up. LOL

This flower folder was  just calling my name and I couldn't wait to 
get back home to try it.
 I cut white cardstock at 6.5 x 5. Then I thought, why
not put the whole card in the embossing folder. Sooo I did and I think
it turned out beautiful. The front is embossed perfectly and I just couldn't resist stamping
a couple of Peachy Keen Face stamps..

They are having a sale right now and will be closing soon.
I love all of her delightful face stamps.
Hurry before they are gone forever!
Click below to go there.

This is inside of the card that I embossed with another flower folder.
I need to add something to write a note inside, but I'm not sure what.
Any suggestions??

This is the back of the card.
I think putting the whole card in the embossing folder is a great idea. 
A very unique card, I must say.

Gorgeous Tote Bags!!!
These little tote bags were created by one of my students. Dolly was
so kind to let me take pictures of all her creations.
Beautiful papers and the butterfly and rose add a perfect touch.
She's so talented!

Darling for that special person on your list.

More gorgeous totes!
Dolly loves to decorate and has the eye for the perfect combination.
Love these!!

 Gorgeous totes!
Perfect for most any Holiday and especially Valentines.
Adorable little birds and beautiful papers.

I think Dolly did a fabulous job making all these beautiful tote bags.

The  tote bag is a Free file from Birds Cards
Click below

That's it my friends for another day.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tulips Windmill Hearts Folk Art Valentine Cards Cricut Design Studio

Hello again my friends!
Today was a lovely sunny day here in Apple Valley, CA and was in the 70's. It does get
cold in early mornings and evenings. I don't think I could take the cold snow that the news
has been broadcasting about the Big snow storm in the east.
 I hope everyone stays safe and bundled up.

Today I  made these beautiful Valentine cards to share with you. As you know from my
last post, I Love my Cricut Explore. I found these Folk Art Festival cards in Design Studio.

A very fast and easy card and looks so beautiful. 

Here's another Tulip card that could be used for most any occasion.
The red is the topper card glued onto a white base.

This was one of my favorites. I love windmills!
The Cricut  Explore cut all the cards beautifully and soooo quietly.

This heart Valentine card is so stunning. It cut the black outline perfectly and I glued
it onto the pink topper and then onto a white base. For the inside I used  the negative
of the black outline and glued a pink cutout heart.

I made this card for my oldest daughter's birthday that's in Feb.

She Love's Balloons so I made this piecing Happy Birthday for the inside of the card.
 Sorry forthe dark pics,I forgot to take it earlier before the sun went down.

Update on my Honeydew plant that I started fro a tiny seed.
It's growing like a weed!!!  I'm not seeing any melons yet but I think it
 needs to be pollinated/ I don't see any bee's around when I put it outside in the afternoons.
 Oh well! Any suggestions on what to do about that?
I was looking forward to yummy melons but I may have to buy some.
I guess I don't have a green thumb after all, LOL

How about a FREE svg Valentine's Box!!

Mary & Leo are sharing another Freebie!
Click on the link below

That's it my friends for another day.
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bears Birds Cats Dogs and Turtles Oh MY

Hi my crafty friends!
It's a whole New Year and I'm here to wish you a Happy New Year!
It was a busy and fun Holiday with friends and family, but its good
to be back in my crafty room :)

First up is this adorable little pooh bear wishing for
a yummy cupcake. 
Isn't he just the cutest!
I cut him in white card stock and inked with Tim Holtz distressed inks.
Yes,I started with White paper!! 
Love Tim Holtz inks! 
Down the right side of the card I cut red shinny foil paper and of course 
he needed red dotted ribbon up the other side.

I just finished this beautiful bird design from Cricut Eplore Design Studio. It was
the Florals Embellished. There are many bird designs to choose from but I loved this 
bird because it reminds of Solvang  a Danish village that I used to visit. I especially 
love Olsen's Bakery, they always had delightful breads, cookies and more. It's about
3 .5 hours from me. Long drive but well worth the visit.

The Olsen's Bakery!
Yummy :)

I cut the bird in different colored vinyl and then layered each section. It was so easy
and fun to make and now my paper holders look finished.

Oh, did I say I Love my New Cricut Explore!! :)
Yes, I still love my Eclips  but this one has been so much fun to use.

These sweet little pups are cut in vinyl.
 I love cutting
vinyl with my Cricut Explore machine. 

Here's the Minnie and Mickey silhouettes, also in vinyl

I found this acrylic  photo holder at the goodwill and thought
it would be great to use for all my recipes. But, first I just had to
add this sweet little bird. This is layered vinyl. 
Now I need to type all those recipes and it will be finished :) ...if I can
pull myself away from the vinyl LOL

Isn't he just too tweet!!

I love Figaro! He is also cut in vinyl and layered.
It's so fun cutting vinyl!
I may start using it on my cards instead of paper ;)

Now all my paper holders have a special character on them

Hmmmm...what shall I decorate next??? LOL

Getting ready for Valentines Day?
Here's a darling turtle that I made. Isn't she cute!
I just happened to have that perfect bow :)
There's so many ways you can decorate this cute file for Valentines 
or any occasion. 
This is a FREE svg cutting file from Mary & Leo
Click on the link below to get it.


That's it for another day my friends!
Keep watching for MORE fun Valentines!
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Pocket Watch Clock

Hello my crafty friends!

It's almost that time again to Ring in the New Year.
I hope that it will Ring in a bright new year for everyone. 
Happy New Year!! 2015

This clock is a very special clock that I designed. I used Gold
designer paper and gold hands.  Yes, it's a Real working Clock!

I used Mary & Leo svg Maison de Madeline svg kit for the base. 

I designed the silhouette pocket watch.

Great kit! 
Click below to get this beautiful kit.

This is one of the glass cutting boards that I decorated with vinyl.
The picture doesn't do it justice. It's much prettier in person.

I found the design on Logotypes101
Click below to get the swans FREE
 If you need any help, please email me and I will be happy to assist you.

I saw this posted on FB and thought I would share it with you.
I couldn't stop laughing!!!
She said that she loved cutting vinyl and was so obsessed with it, that she
put all those googly eyes on her bottles and containers in her fridge.
Now that beats the cake!!! LOL
I  think I may try that in my fridge before the kids get
Can  you just see their faces when they open up my fridge :) Too funny!
They will think I  completely lost it!

I just love cutting vinyl with the Cricut Explore machine! 
I Love my Explore!!!
I decided that my Cricut Explore needed a little Bling! :)

Look how pretty it is now!
You can personalize your machine using vinyl too.

This climbing rose is from Art Nouveaum 680A7 in Cricut Design Studio.

It is cut in may layers and then I placed each one in order.
Yes, it took awhile to make sure they were lined up properly :)
But, it was all worth it!
I love how it turned out and I may create a card using vinyl also.

Of course I needed Tinkerbell  to bring it all to life!

I think the tiny stars are so cute!
The butterfly was also from Design Studio and was Free.

That's all my friends for another YEAR!

Wishing you all the best and I will see you in the New Year!
Happy New Year!

I'll be making these darling Snoopy magnets next week and thought
you would like to take a peek at him.
Isn't he soooo cute!
I  also have a card to show you next week. 
I'll be sharing all these and more.

Again, Happy New Year to each and everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Chrstimas Santa's Sweet Gingerbread Man Box & MORE

Hi my crafty friends!
I just had to share this adorable Gingerbread man box with you today.
He was so fun to make and would make the perfect gift with some goodies tucked inside.
The best part is he is FREE along with the Santa's Sweets svg kit.
Look for the link below.

The Snowman box is from Mary & Leo's Christmas Open House kit from last year.

Great gift boxes for someone special on you list.
Click on the link below for the Snowman

Isn't he just just the cutest Gingerbread man box!
He's FREE!!!
Yes the svg cutting file is FREE!

Mary & Leo are giving this Adorable Santa's Sweets kit FREE!
Yes, it's FREE
Click on the link below to get it and tell them Misty sent you :)

Remember my last post I said I had something exciting to share with you.
Keep reading :)
 First I want to show you what I made using vinyl.I like to use the industrial vinyl because
it cuts better and stays on whatever you place it on. Glass,wood, window etc. I just ordered this from Precision62
This is my first time ordering from him, but I've heard good reviews from all the gals. My shpment
should be here by Monday and I'll take pics to show you what I got :) Can't wait!
Vinyl cuts like butter and is so fun to use.
I picked up some glass decor blocks from Hobby Lobby and found this pretty design over
on the Cricut design Facebook site.
You ask, why would I be on a Cricut site, since I have Sizzix Eclip1 & Ecilps2 machines.
Keep reading :)

This is another glass decor block I made using blue vinyl and
added a pretty bow. The top is open so you can place lights in it. It's so  pretty at
night with all the shimmering lights.
Great night light!

I just couldn't stop cutting vinyl lol
I made these glass mugs for my family to use instead of having
glasses all over the house. :) I even placed their names on the other side
of the mugs so they know who's is who's. haha

I had so much fun making these mugs :) The scrolled heart Love was found
on the Cricut FB site and so was the manger scene.

This was made for my son that Loves cars.
  I think he will love it!

Mary & Leo have another FREE svg file for you.
Darling train!
Click on the link below

Well my friends that's the special news I wanted to share with you.
Now I have the Cricut Explore machine and I LOVE it!

It cuts soooo quite that I can even talk on the phone while it's cutting :) You can
use all your svg cutting files and silhouette jpgs. The Design studio is web based. Meaning
that you have to log on to their web site to use it. It's not a stand alone like the Eclips Ecal
software. There are drawback using the Design studio when there are too many people using it and then it locks up. I'm sure after the New Year, they will be looking into that. You can link your cartridges if you like or just use their Free designs. I'm way past the cartridges since I've been using
svg, jpg and the trace feature in Ecal. All in all the Explore is above and beyond my expectations.
It's a Great machine!
They have super support and their Facebook site has so many nice people that
like to help and share with you. It's been a wonderful adventure. Now I need
 to start looking around for print shops that carry vinyl and stock up. LOL

I still Love my Sizzix Eclips and Eclips2 that I have!
They are my #1 machines!!!
Each machine is unique and if one
goes out, I have backups :)

That's it for another day my friends.
Have a wonderful weekend!