Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Miniature Ornaments svg

Hello again my friends!
I have been busy making lots of miniature Christmas tree ornaments. I resized the svg file so the spindle is approximately 2 1/2" tall. You can also make these darling ornaments in  any size you like. Mary has a Great collection of beautiful Christmas ornaments in her Christmas kit. Comes with a video assembly tutorial also.

Purchase the Christmas Ornament Kit

Watch the trailer to see the Christmas Ornament kit.
For my first min spindle, I sprayed glitter glue and sprinkled clear glitter over it. It turned out quite nice and I love the sparkle.
. The yellow one was sprayed with the clear varnish from a spray can. It didn't really turned out shiny and had a smell to it. 

 This one was sprayed with an air brush and polyurethane. The end results were not what I really expected.  It had a yellow cast, where I over sprayed and it Really smelled like lacquer. I was hoping to preserve all my creations with this technique, but it didn't work out for me.  Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. I think I will just do the glitter for now.

The min tree ornament is approximately 3" tall and can be sized to any size also. 
I cut it all out in white card stock and inked with Tim Holtz distressed inks. Gotta love his inks!

I sprayed the tree with the air brush also, but you can see the yellow of over spray and it smells pretty strong.  It really didn't make it shiny like I had wished for. I'm very new to air brushing, and maybe there's something else I can use instead of the Polyurethane. Email me with any suggestions, please.

This is the snowflake ornament from Mary's kit. 
The Eclips cuts this delicate pattern out like butter!! I love my Eclips machine!
I cut two snowflakes and sandwiched them together with hot glue. I laced tiny green ribbon around the outside  and tied it at the top. It measures approximately 2" round.

I used gold rickrack around the middle of the snowflake. 

This is the back with a gold rhinestone and star. I love how it turned out! Great for any tree or package for the Holidays!

This is the snowflake in red, sized 3 1/2" round. 

 I used large red rickrack around the middle.

This is the back that I finished off with red rickrack and a heart using the Epiphany heart shaped tool.

Here's the min Ballet slippers from Mary Clara's Christmas Eve svg kit. The slippers measure approximately 3" x 1" and are just the right size to hang on a tree or add to your Holiday package.
I just Love the ballet slippers!
Get this Christmas Ornament kit below.

Watch the trailer to see Clara's Christmas Eve kit

This is an ornament that I made awhile back and can't remember where I got the file. If someone knows, please email me and I will post credit. 
This really cute pinecone ornament measures approximately 3" x 2".


I inked the edges with browns and added a touch of gold. 
Great Tree decorations for the Holidays!

That's it for today my friends!
Have a wonderful day!

Keep watching for new Christmas creations to come!



Trina said...

Try using Polyacrylic, it doesn't yellow.

About Me said...

Thanks Trina for the tip! Does it have a strong smell?

Trina said...
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Trina said...

All I can find is the aerosol cans, and yes, they do have a lingering smell, when spraying. Will it disapate? I think it will, but I can't be sure.