Friday, March 22, 2013

High Skies Butterfly and Bunny Box

 Hello again my friends!
Today I would like to share this beautiful butterfly Easter box
I made the background for my picture in PSP using the Kaleidoscope feature. That was sooo fun to create!
This is from Mary's New kit "High Skies"
You can get this kit FREE with purchase.

 I added Mary's little sitting bunny from the "April Avenue kit".
Adorable Bunnies!
Click below to get the collection.

 This was my sister's inspiration!  
The back of the box has different colored butterflies.
The bunnies were placed on each side of the box.
This Easter Basket and treat holder we made especially for Easter. 
Have you ever tried inking and gluing gems to a raw brown egg carefully??/
We didn't have time to boil it!!! LOL
 Two white butterflies and white chiffon ribbon adorn the top. I also glued the base of the butterflies to the top of the box instead of under the box to hold the egg.
I think it turned very cute!

Thanks for stopping by my friends!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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