Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gucci Clock "Pretty In Pink"

Hello everyone!
We are Still crafting!
Just gotta Love Mary & Leo's Gucci!
 Especially when she's sitting pretty.

Mary and Leo have a special Facebook page for their cat, Gucci. We really enjoy all of her adventures and pictures. We just had to make a clock with Gucci. Now Gucci is officially on Time for crafting! LOL   The clock file is from Mary's Maison de Madeline kit

Gucci graces our New Craft room wall with her charm. She's so pretty in pink!
 . We don't own a real live cat, so we are enjoying Mary & Leo's.

We will be posting pictures of our New Craft room soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Misty & Suzanne.

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Jani Lewis said...

Oh how sweet! I just love the kitty.