Saturday, May 18, 2013

Madison De Madeline Large Butterly Lamp

Just popping in with another lamp. This lovely lamp measures 20 1/2" tall and is 12 1/2" taller than the original one in Mary's kit. We used this gorgeous paper from the "Royal Garden stack that I got from Joann's.. The lamp file is from Mary's Madison de Madeline kit

The butterflies are from the Breezy Meadow Butterflies kit
We also made the 8 1/2" lamp and turned it upside down and placed it inside the top of our large shade, giving it a special effect on top. We trimmed it with black sequins.

We made the cutout of the butterfly on the lampshade and glued velum behind it and cut a black silhouette for the front.

The butterflies swirled around the base of the lamp were cut out of the same shiny papers and silhouettes glued on both sides. They are beautiful at any angle. This was an exciting lamp to make and we hope to have inspired you once again.

Misty & Suzanne

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Jani Lewis said...

Stunning! Love the colors.