Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jewish Star of David 3D Lantern and Card

Hello again my friends!
I've finished all of the Jewish creations for the new student. 
I used Mary's lantern from  Crisp Days of Fall kit.

Beautiful collection!

For the Star of David I used the Jewish Elements kit from Mary & Leo.
Click below to get it.

I cut the Star of David so it would hang over the edge of the card and added a smaller star and gem. 
For the silver ribbon I punched a tiny hole and threaded it through to the inside and back around to form the bow. There no glue required and I think it looks nice.

Side view. I apologize for the dark pictures, this set did not want to lighten up.  

The sentiment font that I used is Silver Dollar here

I welded the letters in ecal and glued them to white cardstock.
You can't see it well but I used the side swirl embossing folder by Darice. 

I glued 2 flat stars together and then scored them down the middle.
I then glued each one to the fold. You can put a string or ribbon  on to display them or
just place them on a table.

For the star tea light, I cut several layers and glittered them. I still have glitter everywhere.LOL

You can glue the star onto the tea light and add a ribbon to hang or sit
around a table. They sparkle so pretty at night.
 I'm sure my new student will love making all these special creations for her Holiday.

I made a couple of bookmarks using the swirls in ecal library also from Mary's Jewish elements kit.
I purchased the tassel online awhile back to use with Mary's purses.
 I think they look great on the bookmarks also. 
I could probably make the tassel using foam and just glue on the metal caps. 
 Anyone know where I can get the caps?  

I laminated each bookmark with My Story machine that I bought years ago.
 I knew it would come in handy one day haha 

How about a Free  Simple Box svg from Mary & Leo!

Update on my honeydew melon. 
It's growing bigger everyday and loves
 listening to the Christmas box music that I keep on while its in the kitchen.
  I know it's silly but that's what I read somewhere.LOL 
I sent a text to my daughter saying I may have to bring this little guy back to her farmer 
 I really want to see how long it takes to produce a honeydew. but I think it's going to
 wind all over my kitchen and then proceed into other areas before it does. 
But it's so cute and its organic!
I'll keep you posted

That's it for another day my friends!
Thank you for stopping by and checking out my creations and watching my honeydew grow :)
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Happy crafting!

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