Monday, August 31, 2015

Pop Up Photo Frames

Hello my crafty friends!
Hope everyone is having a fun summer. 
My daughter and son surprised me on my birthday with this adorable little puppy.
Katie Rose is a Maltipoo and is 9 weeks old in the picture. She is
the first puppy I've ever had that sleeps all night. And she
is already trained to go outside. Or I should say I
She love's to follow me through the house with her (my) sock in her mouth. She will like touch bases as she goes along (flower basket leaves....bedspread etc). She's so cute and always has a home run to the rug under my big chair:)
When's it's time for her breakfast, I start putting her dry food in her bowl and she
looks up and runs to her little rug with her bowl of water on it. She sits there and looks up at me
with her sweet little eyes, saying ok I'm ready to eat now. lol
She waits there until I put a little wet food
on it and bring it to her. She's so cute!
That's why I haven't posted in awhile :)
Now I'm back on a roll, so to speak.
Oh, and she hasn't even touched any of my crafty things except she does like to
pick up my scraps. lol  

Yep, that's my sock, or I should say was. haha
Today I have been making these really beautiful Pop Up Picture Frames from MyScrapChick.
This is my granddaughter Megan, when she was small. Great for gifts or
special pictures. They are quick and easy to assemble. Super fun!
And MyScrapChick is having a Sale on them right now for a limited time.
If you buy 10 items, everything in your cart will be 50 cents each.
Yes, that's right!
Super deal!!!
I bought All the Frames and more!
She has some adorable creations, so hurry before the sale is over.
I Love love this one!
Super cute!
I'm going to be making this one soon!
Don't miss her Sale!
There are tons more Frames to choose from.

This my other granddaughter, Melanie when she was little.
I love how easy the frames are to make and they look so professional.
Great gift for the Holidays and special occasions.
I simply had to make a special frame in memory of our
special cat, Bojo. He had the biggest eyes and was a wonderful cat.
I used the tiger paper, because he was really a tiger at times. lol
Gotta love these frames!
Sale is still on at MyScrapChicks!
Are you ready for Halloween yet?
Think Washi tape!
Isn't this just the cutest pumpkin you ever saw?
What a cute idea using Washi tape!
Happy Fall You 'all
Here's a Free Halloween svg from MissKateCuttables
That's it my friends for another day.
I hope that I've inspired you to start making those cute frames.
Have a wonderful week!

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