Saturday, August 13, 2016

Club Tropicana 3D Cocktail Cards

Hi everyone!
It's been sooo hot here in Apple Valley that I just had to share
these super cute tropical cards with everyone.
 Makes you feel like
your sitting under the umbrella sipping a cool Tropical delight.

I'm sitting at my computer with the air on. lol
For my Birthday my kids surprised me with a 36" TV for the family room.

So, my son set up my old 32" in my office to my computer.

Yes, I now have a VERY LARGE computer screen!

I don't need glasses anymore! Haha

This sweet card is from Birds "Club Tropicana svg collection kit"

I used the same lemon design paper for the inside of the envelope.
Perfect card for that special occasion or event.  A very easy and fun
card to make and with the matching envelope makes it complete.

Love Birds card with the pineapple background paper and pretty topical scene.
Makes you feel like your on a Tropical Island :)
It sure feel like a Tropical Island here in Apple Valley. My fruit trees
need a Big umbrella to protect them from the intense heat...110 whew!

I had the perfect background papers for these delightful card.
I love them both!

You can mix and match your papers for a totally different look.
Certainly a delightful card for anyone to receive.

Get the complete collection by clicking on the link below.
Gorgeous set!

 FREE Flowers svg from Birdscards!
Click on the link below

Hope I've inspired you today with these bright and beautiful topical cards. Check out
the complete collection!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.


Unknown said...

I love them, they're so bright and colourful and tropical looking and I could quite happily drink one now!
You always do such a wonderful job with your cards, thank you so much Misty :)

- Bird

Julieo49 said...

So cute, I love anything with the beach!!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Beautiful oasis !

Misty Morgan said...

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! They were fun to make!

April Rogers said...

What a nice blend of papers and cuts. Love love love them! Wish I was in Cali right now... I miss family down there ;-)
Love anything from Birds Cards. And now I want this set. I better see if I have it first, don't need to go ordering another double and then having to ask Bird for help, again...
Thanks so much for sharing your lovely cards.
XO Nana

chez.52 said...

Love the cards. They're so colourful and cheerful.

Camille Short said...

Wow what a kit! Just looking at the samples of your cards puts a smile on my face! And the freebie is beautiful!

Misty Morgan said...

Thank you April Rogers!I'm happy I've inspired you to get this set. It's so fun! Wish you were my neighbor in Apple Valley, CA :)

Misty Morgan said...

Thank you, Chez.52 for your kind words.

Misty Morgan said...

Camille Short, I'm so happy that I put a smile on your face with Birds pretty cards and freebie. Thank you!