Friday, June 16, 2017

Fantasy Foals Unicorn Suspension Cards/ Easel Card

Come along with me on a Unicorn Fantasy journey with this spectacular
collection by Bird.
Click on the link below to get this beautiful collection.

Hey there my crafty friends!
Yes, it's another fun day in my craft room creating
these magical creations. So many gorgeous creations to choose from!
This is Birds display of her Unicorn Easel card and envelope.
I love how the envelope matches and the soft glittered colors of the rainbow
and mane on the Unicorn. Lovely card!

First up is my enchanting Unicorn Easel card. Yes, it stands
so proudly for a gorgeous display. A fun and easy card to make
with Bird's video tutorial to guide you from start to finish.

This is Birds Unicorn Suspension card with matching envelope.
Simply stunning!

Next up are two Unicorn suspension cards. I just had to use my lavender
and white glittered paper for my first card. 
This is a pic of the card closed.

The white glistens so pretty and when the Unicorn spins, its magical.
When your recipient receives this unique card, it will spin
so elegantly and glisten on every turn. 
Truly a cherished treasure to display in any home.

Up next is my pretty pink Unicorn card.
This a pic of it closed. I used the oval from the card base for the insert.
 I just received my textured WILDFLOWER pack of 24, 12 x 24  papers from
The sale is going on right now, but I'm not sure when it will be over.

This is my first time using Cricut paper and I simply Love it. 
It cuts like butter, is textured and the weight is 80 lbs. Perfect for all
my crafting, including 3d projects.
You don't have to own a Cricut machine to buy this paper and it cuts
beautifully in most cutting machines.

If you use the code MELODYLANE you will receive 15% off and
FREE shipping, plus if you have Cricut access 10% more off
and 10% more if you have Cricut Circle.

That makes each 12 x 12 sheet about 14 cents.
WOW! I just couldn't pass this deal up.
Quality paper for sure!

Click on my link below to check it out.

I love how unique and elegant this card looks when finished. So fun
to make and would make a great surprise for someone special on your
list for sure.

Notice the envelope matches my Unicorn? You can mix and match.
There many ways you can create this beautiful collection using printed
or designed papers and colors.

How about a FREE svg from Dreaming Tree?
The Sunny tote is a must for all your summer gifts.
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That's it folks for another crafty week.
Hope that I've brought some magic to your day and a
smile on your face.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great weekend my friends!


Unknown said...

Your Cards are beautiful Misty, I love the glitter and the way you've used the colours from your papers in the gems you've added. The patterned envelope is so fun.

The textured cricut card is awesome, such a shame they don't deliver it here or I would have stocked up on that!

Thanks so much Misty :)

- Bird

Misty Morgan said...

Your Unicorn collection is simply amazing as well as all your creations. This one is so magical and fun to make. Thank you, Bird!

Sue from Oregon said...

Such very fun projects!!!!

Misty Morgan said...

Thank you, Sue for stopping by and enjoying the fun Unicorns.

XxJULESxX said...

wow love these gorgeous!

Misty Morgan said...

Thank you, XxJULESxX! Happy you stopped by and enjoyed the cards.

Unknown said...

How can I purchase just the unicorn easel card with envelope please?