Saturday, July 8, 2017

Route 66 Box Card Plus Tackle Box Card

Everyone likes memories, right!
Let's take a road trip along memory lane today.
This box card is from Mary's over at and is in the
Travel the World collection below.

But, first up is a story about my delicious peaches!

It's another Hot day here in Apple Valley, CA!! It's reached 120 during
the last month and expected to stay that way for awhile. Whew! So
glad I don't have to be out in that heat. All my peach and apple trees are
dropping fruit like crazy and guess who picks them up. Yep, little ole
me, but I get up extra early while it's cool and begin my work.

I remember my sister telling me that I needed to plant fruit trees years back.
Well, she lives in Arizona and doesn't have a clue what she created here.
I should have only planted "ONE" fruit tree!!! And, maybe NOT 14 trees.
Oh well, at least my work is not in vain and the fruit is
really delicious, plus all my neighbors and
students LOVE me. 
Oh and don't forget the birds! ;)

Are you ready to start crafting?
This box card will surely delight all the travel and car lovers.
I made this box card a few years back and thought I would
share it here with you today. It's a really fun and easy card to make
for guys or dads or even gals that love old cars.
The link is at the top of the page.

Speaking of old cars, my son built his first Yellow Camaro while he
was in high school and still drives it to work today.
His car was featured in the Car magazine.

This is a picture of his Yellow Camaro.
I remember when he started with an empty shell back then in Anaheim Hills
and  he still cherishes his car like it's his baby, even though his babies have
graduated from high school and college. lol
 I also remember when he used to drive it up the hill and get tickets every time.
Now I could see him getting a ticket going down the hill, but Not up the hill. lol
Maybe it was because he had loud pipes and the officer could hear him coming. haha

Up next while we are on that journey, is this really cool and unique
Tackle  box card from also
Super fun card and will be sure to please the fisherman out there.

This Tackle box card came in the collection "Sunday With Dad" from The Tackle box does take a little time to cut and
assemble, but it's well worth your effort.

Mary has created some really awesome box cards in this kit. Who
wouldn't want that Large Hamburger and cool beer or soda box card!
They are definitely a Wow card for sure.
You can get this kit below.

I used green textured paper for the base and brown textured paper
for the panels. I also use the Cricut blue Holographic vinyl
for the lure. It's really cool in person since it changes colors.
I also added a Tim Holtz brass pull to the front of the handle. This
was a fun and yes time consuming project, but I love how it turned out. 

In eCal I created the cutout Happy Birthday and made a shadow layer.
Gotta love my eClips machine and my Cricut Explore Air2 for all
my cutting needs. The best of both worlds! ;)

How about a Free svg file from

Click on the link below!

That's it for another crafty day my friends.
I hope I've inspired you today and you enjoyed viewing all these super cards.
Plus a little taste of my fruit trees. :)
Have a wonderful weekend.



Michelle said...

I saw your post on the SVG Cuts Facebook page and wanted to pop in and say Hi. Your work is lovely!

Misty Morgan said...

Thank you Michelle for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed your visit.