Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Roses n Pinks n Purples Oh My! Witch Lace up Shoe Card

 Good day to all my Crafty friends!

Thought I would share with you my New Witch shoe cards.
I just had to make some fancy one's! LOL
 They are so beautiful in person and I think they turned out divinely.
You can get this adorable file over at Lori's svg site below. 
She is so nice and has lot's of fun files and a beautiful website. Go check it out!

This is the back of the card and noticed I folded it about an inch down so that the card can open up. Oh, I doubled the layers, so my card is nice and sturdy and can withstand any broom ride...hehe

 Lot's of Pearls and fancy ribbon. 
 I printed out this Beautiful pink Rose and flower paper for Free at
I love their digital papers!!!
 Notice the pale pink pearls have ends on them....well I couldn't get close enough to cut those off. They were on a string and didn't have any others
 Well, it's off to see the Wizard! LOL Anybody know where I can find some pearls cheap?

This was a bracelet that I had in my stash and cut and tied it to the pink ribbon. 
I think it gives it a certain charm!
 More Pearls, one at a time! I have patience now!
 This was a really a fun card to make and I think it turned out adorable....for a Witch's shoe that Remember the Friendly Witch in The Wizard of Oz? 
Was that Witch of the North-South-East or West? :)
She was sooo beautiful! Well, she would Love these adorable shoes! hehe

This witches shoe svg file is also from Lori's svg site below. You can get it there.

Yes, I had to have a Purple shoe! hehe hoho haha!

See the Red on the side of the shoe? That's the Red foil envelope that I will be putting it in.

I have a little story to tell you!
This is so funny....I had a 3rd grade teacher that Made me decorate our classroom for Christmas in, Yes you guessed it! 
Red & Purple!!
 I thought she was a nut 
I was brought up thinking you used Only Red & Green and maybe yellow for Christmas. Opps, does that date me! hehe  When she asked me to tape all those purple & red decorations up, I almost had a cow..LOL 
I will never forget that and just had to share it with you. Too funny!
 If she could see me now, I use all colors of the rainbow for my cards and creations but when it's Christmastime, it's
 Red, Green & Gold.

And, her name was Mrs Meanie! LOL

The shoes are a nice size measuring 6" tall by 4" wide and will fit into my foil envelopes nicely.

I used black velvet ribbon to lace up her shoe and added bright pink rhinestones.

 For the bottom part of the shoe, I glued pale green rhinestones.
 Now, that takes patience! LOL

I also added Tim Holtz distressed brads and purple gathered ribbon.

That's it for today, folks!
I hope you have a merry day and come back to see me soon.
You never know what I will be sharing or creating next. 
Maybe a pillow box to rest my weary head..hehe, haha hoho

Also, you may want to dl this FREE Candy Corn svg ,mtc file below

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