Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Harvest Pumpkin Pie Box

Hello my friends!
The Giant Pumpkin Story....keep scrolling down...lol

I've been Baking again but this time in my craft room.
I just LOVE Pumpkin Pie!
This adorable Pie box came from yet another one of Mary's wonderful svg files.

Yes, its from the Fall Harvest Kit here

Actually Mary's is an Apple Pie box:)  Don't you just love her crust! 
You can make them any flavor you like! How about a boysenberry or cherry pie? 
Yummy! No calories!!

I cut the crust out in beige card stock and inked with Tim Holtz. The pumpkin pie filling was cut in designer paper and inked with red, orange and yellow.  The rose was cut in white card stock and inked.  I added brads to the tiny flowers.This rose looks just like the one in my front yard with all the yellows and oranges. 
Beautiful rose!
There's a tutorial for the pie box and flowers too! You can't go wrong watching Mary put this pie all together. Any, Leo's wonderful music will delight you! 
This adorable Pie box is quick and easy to make for that special gift.

The black crow is also from this same kit along with lots of fun creations.

For the inside of the box you can use most any designer paper. I was thinking that Orange would have been a better pick and would have looked more like pumpkin pie inside. What do you think?

It look just like Real Pumpkin Pie!
And I didn't have to turn the oven on...lol
I though I might add some pumpkin pie spice oil to the rose to give it that delicious smell.

Giant Pumpkin Story

My adorable Giant Pumpkins!

Year's ago, my mother and I were in her kitchen and she showed me this adorable pumpkin from a magazine she had. Not sure of the name of the magazine. If you know, please email me.

 She had two large orange poster boards and drew the pumpkin outline on one. Then she glued them both together with Lots of aleene's glue. She then started cutting around the outline while the glue was still moist. She drew in all the details for the face and started painting it all in. Soon he lite up the room and came to life!
 My mother was a very good artist and used to do China painting when I was little. She LOVED Paints and brushes of all kinds! I could open a Michael's store with all her paints!! LOL

As for me, I was the crafty one, but not an artist like her. I could fill in the details but she had to make the finishing touches so mine would come alive...lol

Well, that was many years ago and I still have our two Giant Pumpkins that I display during the Fall Season and remember those wonderful memories of long ago.
Great Memories!

I hope that you've enjoyed your visit and my creations. This Pumpkin Pie box is nice for the Holidays and would be a great gift idea for those that don't eat pie, but can enjoy the Pie box. 

It's that time again to name the singer!

"Shirley Temple"

Here's a clip of that movie....enjoy!

Until we meet again, have a wonderful week and Keep checking back for New and exciting crafts.


                  Shirley Temple's SAG Life 

          Achievement Award Presentation-2006


Amberly @ Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...

That pie is just plain ADORABLE! I love it!

Sharalyn said...

Really great! I love the pumpkin! He is soooo cute! My daughter can draw quite well but I am not sure they still have china painters. Don't think she could ever do that though any way. It must have been super to be around such creativity!