Sunday, October 21, 2012

Victorian Christmas Tree Ornament 3D

 Hello My Dear Friends!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday today. 
As I mentioned in my last post, my friend Soco drove up to visit me and attend the craft fair. When she walked in my front door she was speechless and couldn't believe how many wonderful creations I had made. She said, it's like a Winter Wonderland and wanted to take up permanent
 The craft fair was nice, but we didn't see anything that we really liked or wanted to buy. There were two exceptions! I saw these beautiful marble cross pens in Burgundy and one in swirls of grays. They were all handmade and he wanted $10 ea  I just loved the Burgundy pen, but remember telling my Mom not to buy soooo many pens (She LOVED Pens) and now I  almost couldn't resist....hehe I guess it's in the genes....LOL  Anyway, I got his card :) The other was beautiful handmade wood turned handled kitchen spoons and knifes etc and they started at $20. That was about it! Nothing really exciting in cards or crafts.Lot's of knit scarfs and doggie sweaters.
 I did see something kind of strange though, it was a ceramic plate with a hole in the middle and then a door knob screwed through the hole and mounted on a long metal pole. I guess it was for a backyard decoration, but I wouldn't want to look at a Door Knob all day 
I  will definitely  be taking some of my 3D projects and cards to the Christmas Fair.

After we got back home, I remembered that I didn't take any pictures....I so wanted to share them with you and I'm so sorry for not remembering to take pictures. Next time for sure!

Today I would like to share a Beautiful Christmas Tree Ornament.
  This  svg file is completely FREE!!!!

This is soooo pretty! Hop on over to Mary's to get your's FREE!
Click on the link above!

My ornament has a Victorian look and is very dainty with lace and pearls.
I  used the Coral Couture Stack paper. I just love all the beautiful Vintage look to this collection.
 And, it's Two Sided! Gotta love it!

The pictures really don't do it justice. It's so much prettier in person.
 I need a professional cameraman!! LOL 
Hey Leo!

 I added white pearl studded flowers and pearls up the edges.

Close up, you can see the glitter on the paper....soooo pretty and the colors are exquisite.

 For the pearls, I used Aleen's Jewel-It glue and it really  worked great. Its actually for Fabric, but it works great on paper too.

I hope I inspired you today and if you make any Ornaments, please email me and I will share it here. Keep watching for More Christmas Ornaments.

What's the Name of this Song??

"Take good care of yourself"


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I love this!!! Very pretty!!!