Thursday, October 25, 2012

Icy Turquoise Snowflake Rosette Ornament

 Hello My Dear Friends!

My sweet niece.Lisa sent me this beautiful doll one Christmas. I simply adore her. I have her in my hall bathroom sitting there looking sooo pretty for the Holiday.
Thank you Lisa!!!! Hugs!

I have another gorgeous Christmas ornament to share with you today.
This beautiful Icy Turquoise Snowflake Rosette was made with yet another great file from Mary's svg site. You can get this kit Free a $6.99 Value FREE!

 This is Mary Rosette Snowflake! Beautifully decorate with buttons and twine. Great
for those special gifts around the Holidays. Sooooo pretty!!

I just love how this one turned out! So fast and simple to assemble! After I took this picture, I though how sweet it would be to make a tiny one to go around the dolls neck. So cute!

Has anyone tried using the Air Brush to preserve your projects?  Yes, another New toy to get!! LOL
I'm thinking of spraying Polyurethane on my ornaments to preserve them.  Linda Hurley on Mary and Leo's Facebook page used it on her Christmas Ornament earrings and they looked beautiful. If you have any information you would like to share, I would be happy to hear from you.

I used stretchy sequins and tucked it between the snowflake and dotted it with the glue gun.

This the backing of the sequins I used. It stretchy and worked great! I had this left over from our Musical kids group when I made all those Sequin Vests.

This will give you an idea of what's it's made of. I'm sure the price has gone up since I bought it in LA. 

 Really neat to work with!

 There are so many ways you can display this beautiful snowflake. As a gift for someones tree, on a package or even hanging on a wreath. Super fun to make!

That about it for today folks! I hope you enjoyed my creation and have a wonderful day.

Keep checking back for more exciting projects!

Mary and Leo are releasing their New Christmas kit tonight!!!!
I can't wait to see what goodies they have in store for us.
She's so talented and Leo's videos are amazing.
I'll post their New Christmas kit tomorrow!

Until then.....What's the Name of this Song!!

"I'm Going To Make It Shine"

Have a great day!
I'll post the name of that song in tomorrows posting.



Debra said...

Your ornament is gorgeous! Just so beautiful! I love this song, THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE, so many versions have been sung over the years! My aunt listened to the Louvin Brothers over and over and over, God bless her soul. She loved this song. My Dad loved Sam Cooke, his version is so so different! I haven't thought of this song or heard it in ages till tonight. You brought back some great memories, Thank you. Hugs, Debra

Jamie_G said...

Beautiful!! I absolutely love the way that you used the sequins!!