Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Crisp Days of Fall Stained Glass Lantern

Happy Wednesday to all my dear friends!

Today, I'm going to share with you a One of a Kind Stained Glass Lantern.
The Stained Glass insert that is.
If you would like to make the Lantern, the file is called Crisp Days of Fall. You can get it at
Mary & Leo's svg site  below.

Extra Extra...Read all about it!!!

Please go to Nikki's Facebook site and LIKE for a chance to get  this adorable Bear holding a Pumpkin svg file plus a Crow!! Spread the word!!!  Spread the word!! Pin it, tweet it!! That's it! Easy peachy!

I made this lantern almost the same as my black lantern in an earlier post.
Except, I cut little strips of scrap papers and then glued them to a white template. I first placed clear plastic with the red strip tape and adhered it to one of the three sides of the lantern. I then put more red strip tape to that and placed my white template with the cut pieces on it. I continued to glue the lantern together.
 That's it! Easy as Pumpkin Pie!
I need to make my little pumpkin cakes sooooon:)

I think it turned out soooo pretty! And, you should see it at night! WOW! It lights my whole living room with a soft warm glow of candle light. And, you can leave it on without burning the place down! LOL

Remember that TV commercial, I'll leave the light on for you? Well, I don't mind leaving the little Tea Light on for ya! LOL

I think the next Lantern I make will be with Bright multicolored cello papers and without the leaf design. I may make one with a butterfly or bird and possibly use the iris fold  pattern. 
What do you think? Email me with your suggestions and ideas. I would be happy to hear from you!

Remember that gold elastic that you use at Christmastime to put on packages?  Well, that came in handy to use for the hanging handle if you don't have wire. 
 And it looks so pretty!

Look how nice my eClips machine cut this detailed design out. Cut's just like Butter!

Did I say that I just Love my machine!
 Ask me what I would rescue first in case of an emergency.

Yes, now you know....LOL

That's it for today folks!

Ready for that First Clue for this weeks song?

OK, here it is!


Look for the Second Clue on my next post!

Have a wonderful day my friends and keep an eye out for more Fun creations.



Unknown said...

Wow! Love the stained glass look. Great idea.

Miss Sue said...

What a great project! Love the stained glass effect! Thanks for playing along with us at Penny's Paper-Crafty.