Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3D Hanging Christmas Tree Ornament

Hello My Dear Friends!
Hope your day is full of sunshine and happiness!
Today I made this darling 3D Christmas Tree Ornament to share with you.
I just love how it turned out!
Yes, this is another wonderful file from Mary's Christmas Ornaments kit.

This is Mary's picture of her tree. Isn't it so adorable with the swirl candy and green bell on top?
You can get her Christmas Ornament kit Free with purchase below

 This is the tree I made to go with all my ornaments.
 I cut it all out in white card stock except for the top part which I glued Christmas stripped paper to. The rest were inked with Tim Holtz inks. I embossed the bottom green layer with dots and the red layer with berry holly and added red and green rhinestones.

 You really can't see the berry holly embossing on the red in the picture, because its so faint. I should have run it threw a second time or inked it first. 

The dot's came out great!
I ran some gold twine down the top opening and added one bell for the ringer and three on top of a white chiffon bow.

Inside view of the ringer.

I just Love my Christmas Tree Ornament!!
I hope I've inspired you today!

It's that time again!!
This was one of our songs in our Musical Kids group that we sang for our Christmas show.
Let's see if I can remember that tune......LOL
I'm a **************Oh gosh or jolly me!

Here's a picture of my daughter, Jessica getting ready to  go on stage. Shhhhhhhhh don't tell her:) I emailed her my last post of her and the whole group. I guess she didn't get all the way to the bottom of my posts to see that I put that picture up...hehe Let's see if she see's this one :O

Name this Tune!

I will tell you the name on my next post.

Have a great day and keep watching for New and exciting creations.

Please leave a comment if I've inspired you today.


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Debra said...

Another fabulous ornament! It's so awesome that you cut this out in white and then inked it the colors we see! So pretty! It makes me smile everytime I see one of your gorgeous projects! You always inspire me! Thank you for that! Hugs, Debra