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Walk Down Memory Lane Christmas Tree 3D Ornaments Birdcage n Spindle

This is Mary's Darling Birdcage ornament, one of many.
You have to check out Mary's Christmas Tree Decorations! 
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Hello, my Dear Friends!

As you can tell, I'm in the Christmas mood and even changed my blog to prove it...LOL

Yes, I dearly Love the Christmas Holiday! So much so, that I would leave all my decorations up, All Year Long. I just Love all the beautiful bright shiny decorations. These adorable Tree decorations would be a wonderful gift for a neighbor or someone special. Great keepsakes!

Someone asked if I had my Tree up yet, as they saw greens in my pictures. I took my mom's little Tree out to hang these ornaments because it was an easy setup. As for my Large Tree, I think I will bring it out next week because it takes me more than a day to get it all decorated. When it's up, I will share a few pictures. I just Love Christmas!

This is my little Birdcage ornament decked out in GlitzyGreen and Red. A really fun file to cut out and assemble! The little bird is two-sided and the paper I used had red holly in it. I must have placed it perfectly on my cutting mat because it made a Perfect 

I added a green glittered ribbon down the outside of the cage after it was put together. Next time I think I will glue it on before I put it all together, as it would be much easier.

Of course, I had to add a splash of red pom poms and a tiny red bow with Gold bells on it to give it that finishing touch. I really love how it turned out!
Great for gifts for a special friend or family.
Super fun and fast to make!

This is Mary's Beautiful Spindle Christmas Tree Ornament. 
You can get all Five of the Christmas Tree Ornaments.

This is what's in her kit! I Love them All! Soooo Pretty!

This is my  Spindle Ornament and I used paper from The Coral Couture Stack. I just love this pack!
I added the gold stretchy cord around each middle and also on top and added a red jewel around.

 You can see how beautiful this paper really is and it's nice and heavy also. Great paper!

This is from the same paper but in a soft cream design and also the dotted.

This is a backside view. Gorgeous paper!

Full view of the back.

I love how this turned out! 
Great for all your Holiday decorating and gift-giving. Super fun and fast to make. 

I just Love all of Mary's Ornaments and will be making more.

Time to name that tune again!

"Button Up Your Overcoat"

I have a story to share with you about this song.

Years ago when I home-schooled my youngest daughter (3rd grade-High School), we started a Musical Kids group with just a couple of neighbor kids and it grew to over 50 happy singing and dancing kids. We performed a Broadway and Christmas show and this was one of our songs. She wore a black velvet jacket with a top hat and cane and sang "Button Up Your Overcoat". My daughter was in 3rd grade at the time and did all the choreographing for our shows. We even made up our entrance song on the way to her piano class one day and couldn't stop singing  So began our little group of singing kids! We just loved performing for retirement homes, Lawrence Welk Resort, and Sea World. We did this for six wonderful years, until one day my daughter came to me and said, Mom, I'm getting too big and want to concentrate on my college now. She was only in 8th grade and was way ahead of her years. High school to her was a breeze and before I knew it, she was enrolled in the Jr. college. She came home one day and said that she was asked to instruct the class because the teacher didn't show up. She was sooo thrilled and honored and the students just loved her. Talk about a smart cookie, she continued on to be on the Dean's list and went on the Biola University and graduated with Honors.

Today, she is a successful businesswoman and traveling all over the world.
She founded her company Marketing and Public Relations Agency.

And, I'm the PROUD MOM!!! LOL
Fond Memories!

Oh, I forgot to mention this.
 See all those sparkling vests each child is wearing? Yep, I made them all with Aleen's glue, stretchy sequins, gray flannel, and ribbon. All cut by hand! Whew!
Wished I had my Cricut or Eclips machines. lol
Hey, I was crafty back then too LOL

Don't tell her I shared this pic of her with the New iPhone she got me.....she will kill me!
 She's the tallest one in the middle back row, third from the left. Shhhhh
Is that a happy smile or what!!

Oh, see that background? Yes, my sister designed it with felt and vinyl, all
cutout by hand in my living room.
We didn't have a cutting machine back then.
She also made a New York setting for our Broadway shows in her spare
time from designing at our Flower shop. She's so talented and I was blessed
to have her be apart of our group.

"Button Up Your Overcoat"

Sung by Bing Crosby

How about a FREE Box svg from Mary!
Just in time for those last minute gifts or goodies.

That's it, my friends, for another crafty day down memory lane.
Have a wonderful week!
Happy Holidays!

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