Monday, July 23, 2012

Christmas Red Paper Roses

Time to Smell the ROSES!

Hello my Dear friends! 
It's Monday and time for some pretty flowers~

For the large flower I used the eClips machine & cut 6 scalloped circles that have 10 (you can use most any petal count) scallops and most any weight papers. I use lightweight on these. I cut each one 3.002 x 3.108.   Then you hand-cut approximately 3/4" into every 2 scallop. Using a stylus or pencil I curled each side of the pedals up. The three that you use for the base will only be curled slightly and the other three curled tightly. Place a little glue in the middle of the first circle and proceed to layer and stagger each circle.   I inked the edges of the pedals with Tim Holtz distressed inks and added some pearls, Christmas pod centers and  ribbon.  The small flower  has 15 scallops and I cut 6 also.  Cut each one 2.011 x 2.034" and hand-cut 1/2" into every 3 scallops. Follow the same directions as the larger flower. Pretty simple to assemble and you will have your flowers ready to be placed on your gift bags or boxes. They really dress up your packages with a nice touch. And, you can even add a scent to the bottom so that it smells good too. I think I'll add a touch of cinnamon for the Christmastime flowers.
 If you need further directions, please email me.
Most of all have Fun!

Mary & Leo's
Great collection!
Click below

Scalloped Shapes SVG Collection

You can use any size scalloped circle from Mary's svg files above.

Scalloped Rose YoutubeTutorial

You can also see some of the sample flowers posts on their blog here

Have great day!


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