Monday, July 16, 2012

Christmas Cheer Folded PINK Christmas Tree Glitter Card

Christmas Cheer Kit from Mary & Leo's svg site.

You can get this Free file now! 

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Dazzling Pink Christmas Tree Card

Hello my crafty friends! I hope you had a great weekend, I know I did. 
I just Love the new Christmas Cheer kit! So many wonderful files to make. I cut
the card & all the pieces in white card stock and glued the folded tree onto the main card. I then used flocking element to flock my tree & added the large florescent glitter. The bows are white florescent. The tree shirt is Christmas paper but I think I would use something in bright pink so it stands out more. I  put pink gems up the trim and one in the middle of the inked & glittered star.

Yes, I was one of those gals that had to have my tree Flocked each & every year. Well, as the years past I bought a live green tree and then an artificial green tree. No muss or fuss and it's put away in 3 large pieces including the lights, whew! I use the same decorations I've had for many years and it has always looked the same whether I put them on a white or green tree. So this year, I'm thinking of making my tree All pinks! What do you think? Yes, I know Christmas is traditionally   Red & Green but I've seen all colors of trees for years now and their so pretty. I remember a 4th grade teacher that I had and she had me decorate the classroom with Purple & Red. Now I tell you, that was a total shock to me back then. I thought she was crazy! It just didn't seem like Christmas using those colors, but you know I have changed my thinking and as long as it's Pretty, delicate and bright, I'm a happy camper.

I used pink gems and white florescent bows and lots of glitter.

I embossed the tree trunk and inked with Tim Holtz inks. Gotta love his Inks!
I also had a gingerbread sticker and placed it at the bottom of the tree.

See, I really really need to buy some of Mary's Pumpkin Patch stamps. I had to use my maker and tried to copy Noel into the cutout, but stamping would be soooo much easier and fun. And, no I'm not affiliated with Mary or Leo, but I do Love their stamps and all their files.

You can view her stamps below

This pretty pink tree card would make a wonderful adddition to any Holiday package.
Until next time, Have a wonderful week!
Keep an eye open for New Christmas things to come!!!

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