Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Santa's Visit 3D Christmas Sleigh

 Christmas in JULY!

Hello my Dear Friends! It's been so hot  here (105) in Apple Valley that I thought I would start making cool things :) And, you know it worked! I'm cool now...lol

This was a very cool sleigh to make and fun to decorate. Great gift for that special someone on your list. If you start to make your Christmas things now, you will finish before Christmas. If you are like me, I wait until the last stocking is hung before I realize that Christmas is here already and I missed making those special boxes and cards that I love to make.   I think I'm ahead of the game this year, so keep watching for Dear Ole Santa to appear soon with lots of goodies to be sure. 

Lot's of room for Goodies!

I used the Epiphany tool to make the foil heart buttons. I love that tool!

You can get the Santa's Visit kit & Sleigh at Mary & Leo's site here

~ Have a Ho Ho HO Day~

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Unknown said...

Great sleigh. I have had a 3D sleigh on my list for a while now. We will see if I ever get one made_ LOL. Love yours. the colors are fun and the embellishments are super.